Elon Musk Makes $3.5 Million Off Flamethrower Joke!!!

Musk announced as a joke that the company would start selling flamethrowers if The Boring Company was able to sell more than 50,000 baseball caps. Plus, the Boring Company is also selling fire extinguishers for $30 each.

While Musk suggests that these flamethrowers should be used to "roast nuts", it is uncertain as to what users will actually do with them once they arrive.

Musks announcements on Instagram and Twitter about the flamethrower has all been in tongue-in-cheek tone, but his legions of followers have lapped up the chance to buy a flamethrower from The Boring Co. Costing $500, the fiery, undoubtedly cool device is now available for pre-order. And there are only 20,000 in stock, so if this somehow strikes you as a thing you need to have, you can go scratch that itch with a flamethrower since they're now publicly for sale.

Elon Musk may be selling flamethrowers, but he swears he's not setting up for the zombie apocalypse.

The flamethrower, which was released through Musk's site BoringCompany.com on Saturday, comes with two promises - livening up a party and defending you in case there is a zombie apocalypse.

Musk has humorously advertised the flamethrower as being "sentient". The company has reportedly built 20,000 of the devices and will allegedly begin shipping them in the spring. Last month it was hats that had the company's name embroidered on them, and now we've skipped over so many levels and are being asked to purchase oversized lighters!

Musk said on Twitter early Sunday that 4,000 flamethrowers have already been pre-ordered.

He says a flamethrower is a "super awful idea".

The product information page also says that fire extinguisher is sold separately for exorbitant amounts of money (which is United States dollars 30).

One solution: Buy yourself a flamethrower. If you're in the U.S. this is all you'll need to worry about as the law says that flamethrowers with flames under 10 feet are legal, which this appears to be.

  • Zachary Reyes