Turkey's Syrian Offensive Risks Direct Confrontation with US

A map last updated January 22 shows areas of Syria where Turkish forces have moved against Kurdish fighters. Hence, President Trump of America needs to warn a fellow North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member that Turkey risks dire effect if this nation oversteps the mark. The deputy prime minister responsible for economic affairs sought to reassure investors by saying it would be over quickly.

The situation between Turkey and Kurdish fighters is a "distraction", White said.

Turkey launched the so-called Operation Olive Branch on Saturday in a bid to eliminate the US-backed YPG, which Ankara views as a terror organization and the Syrian branch of the outlawed Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK).

"We must have Turkey's close cooperation in achieving a new future for Syria that ensures security for Syria's neighbors", Tillerson said while speaking about the United States' intentions to remain in Syria until the threat of the Islamic State or a re-emerging al-Qaida is no longer there.

In Turkey, two people were killed and 11 were hurt on Wednesday evening after two rockets fired from inside Syria hit a mosque and a home in the border town of Kilis, said local governor Mehmet Tekinarslan. The second fell on a house 100 meters (300 feet) away, Kilis Governor Mehmet Tekinarslan said.

The Kurdish-run city of Afrin has only four hospitals, now packed with "injured people and wounded innocent children", Rev. Daoud said, adding that there are several reported cases of women who miscarried "due to shock and fear".

Turkish artillery fire could be heard from the centre of Kilis.

As the US cut assistance to mostly Arab Sunni Muslim rebels fighting to unseat Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since 2011, it focused on what would become known in 2015 as the Syrian Democratic Forces, a mostly Kurdish alliance focused on battling ISIS, which claimed half of Iraq and Syria at its height in 2014.

The announcement was made in a statement in which the Turkish Armed Forces stressed that "Operation Olive Branch" is continuing successfully.

USA support for the Kurdish militia has long angered authorities in Ankara, who have repeatedly called on Washington to sever ties with its crucial anti-ISIS partner.

USA -backed Syrian fighters in the Manbij area have deployed to frontlines to confront any Turkish assault and are in contact with the US -led coalition over defending the town, their spokesman Sharfan Darwish said on Wednesday.

Turkey's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies are now concerned that Ankara's cross-border incursions will impede the fight against the IS group and harm efforts to bring peace to Syria after a almost seven-year civil war. "If there are terrorists on the other side of our borders, this is a threat for us".

Washington has more than 2,000 special forces and support troops inside Syria, mainly east of the Euphrates in an area also controlled by the YPG but separate from Afrin, which is west of the river.

"Attacking who fought ISIS is shocking and questionable action", he said. The YPG makes up the backbone of the SDF.

The Observatory has said at least 30 civilians have been killed but this is vehemently rejected by Turkey, which says it is doing everything to avoid civilian casualties.

Russia's top diplomat went on accusing the US of attempts to disrupt dialogue with Syria's official government in Damascus, headed by President Bashar Al Assad.

What's next: Given restrictions on free speech within Turkey, the media is expected to produce a unanimously positive image of the operation.

  • Leroy Wright