Berks County flu cases continue to increase, state officials say

For the week ending January 13, 1,606 people were hospitalized with confirmed flu cases across the state - a large jump over the same time period a year ago when the number was 863. Nico Mallozzi, a 10-year-old from CT, was diagnosed with the flu while traveling with his hockey team in western NY.

The CDC confirms there have been no cases of canine influenza in humans, so there's nothing to worry on that end.

Though the strain is different from the one affecting humans (and no, it can't be transmitted) it's just as unsafe and even more contagious among dogs.

You're already anxious about keeping yourself and your kids flu-free this year, so we're sorry to add another family member to keep an eye out for, but this influenza season is even bad for your dog. The illness cannot be spread to humans and Dr.

"In the last week of 2017 and the first week of 2018, we have seen more flu deaths and hospitalisations than in the whole of the flu season so far". "It is not too late to receive the vaccination, which will help reduce the likelihood of contracting the virus as well as protecting our most vulnerable populations", Hanson said. While the complete picture is a long way from conclusion, Will County Health Department epidemiologist Alpesh Patel said a certain statistic from December 25 to December 31 told the story quite well. "It's still wise to get a vaccine". Last week, two women, also under age 65, died from influenza-related infections in Tulare County.

The number of patients hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed influenza was 1,606 - a 22 percent increase over the previous week.

Current and Past Influenza-like Illness in Williamson County.

Four children have died in Texas this flu season as a result of the influenza virus.

Last summer there was an outbreak of a new strain of canine flu, called H3N2, in Florida, Alabama in some Louisiana area. The thing they all have in common is that they tend to get better over time and not require surgery.

Q: Why has it been a bad flu season?

The epidemic is primarily due to the spike in the Influenza A strain (H3N2), which can cause a more severe illness and leads to more hospitalizations, especially in children and older adults.

And that could be as late as May, according to Vora.

"Anyone at risk of health complications if they catch the flu can receive the free vaccine through their GP and from their local high street pharmacist".

"Wash your hands when you get home", Spencer said.

A study from the Centers for Disease Control says when someone with the flu breathes, tiny particles containing the virus go into the air and they can stay suspended in the air for minutes even hours. "Providers may have been closed or behind because they did not have enough staff over the holidays, so we need to wait to see" how accurately the forecasts match intensity estimates, says Biggerstaff.

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