Trump boasts of 'unprecedented success' amid shutdown, Women's March

Hundreds of thousands of marchers flooded streets across the country Saturday to criticize President Trump, vowing to protect women's rights, the environment and American ideals of free speech, religious freedom and tolerance.

For Dyck, who is majoring in political science and women's studies at Lakehead University, the Women's March, whether it is taking place in New York, London, or Thunder Bay, is about standing in solidarity with the community to ensure the rights of women continue to move forward and that no voices are silenced.

She said that since last year's march she she has met with senators and representatives, organized her neighbors and gone to dozens of protests.

This year's marches have been galvanized by the #MeToo movement, which has exposed sexual misconduct, assault and harassment by men at the highest levels of government, media and entertainment.

Activists in NY said the march was important because basic rights for women, immigrants and others are under attack.

She urged Americans overseas to participate in the political process back home, starting with registering to vote. Kirsten Gillibrand urged more women to run for office.

Jessica Weinberg of Manhattan, who was at Saturday's march helping to register new voters, beamed as a legion of women - many wearing the signature pink hats against the brisk wind - and men clogged the side streets feeding into Central Park.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton encouraged women to bring the same might on display at the marches to the voting booth. "If we build a couple more activists from this march alone, I think that is a success". "In 2017, the Women's March was a beacon of hope and defiance, "she tweeted on Saturday". Then she spoke, adding, "and he's racist".

Thousands of people also attended marches in Cleveland; Richmond, Virginia; Philadelphia; New York; Austin, Texas; and elsewhere.

At least one attendee confirmed that the president asked those in the room: "Why do we want all these people from "shithole countries" coming here?"

The Italian actress, one of the first women to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault, showed her solidarity for the protection of women's rights with her fist raised during the march in Rome. They'll be laughing along with you-straight to the polls-for the next two years. One woman donned a T-shirt with the likeness of social justice icon Woody Guthrie, who wrote "This Land Is Your Land". "Everything is moving toward the right, and we have a president who seems to have no decency". "I want a role model in office".

Organizers say they're fighting for basic rights for women, immigrants and others who are under attack.

Her successor, Sylvester Turner, touted the city's diverse population and leadership roles women hold in his current administration, including the first woman to lead Houston's public works department. "Today I'm feeling empowered, feeling really good".

  • Leroy Wright