Five influenza-related deaths in Santa Clara County

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu season is really bad this year, with nearly a 100,000 people reporting symptoms in the USA and upwards of 30 flu-related deaths.

We may pass the flu to others just by breathing, according to a study which contradicts the popular belief that people can catch the influenza virus by exposure to droplets from an infected person's coughs or sneezes. These numbers do exclude all individuals who have had this season's flu virus, the same number of don't see a specialist when wiped out.

Overall, there were 31.5 hospitalizations for every 100,000 people during the week ending January 13, compared with 22.7 per 100,000 for the week ending January 6.

If you're part of a high-risk group which includes babies, children under 2 years old, the elderly and those with chronic health conditions, give your doctor a call first and they'll be able to help.

"This is a season that has a lot more steam than we thought", Dr. Dan Jernigan of the CDC told the Associated Press. "Right now, we're seeing a ton of it coming in", said Dr. Kerry Ahrens with Baycare Clinic.

The CDC recommends flu vaccines, but only the injectable kind. To date, there have been four flu-related deaths counted: three children and one pregnant woman. In the developing countries these vaccinations are not yet available, the government is taking initiative in getting such vaccinations for people to stay healthy and avoid suffering.

The flu strain A (H3N2) that is circulating in Marin is known to cause more hospitalizations and deaths.

Flu cases are continuing to rise in the USA, with some states, such as California, seeing record numbers of patients seeking medical attention.

Since 2010, the CDC estimates there have been between 9.2 and 60.8 million flu cases each year.

The number of children who have died from the flu is now up to 30 as public health officials attempt to manage a busy flu season.

New Canaan's superintendent of schools said Nico Mallozzi, a fourth grader in the district who died Sunday, "had been diagnosed with Influenza B, a strain of the flu that is now spreading in the Northeast".

California officials collect flu death data only on people under 65. We also have less exposure to this strain, so our bodies aren't used to fighting it, which makes the symptoms worse.

"Influenza usually mutates, and they mutate in certain areas and chains, and when it mutates, we don't know how it ends", Jung said. All of these things mean that the 2017-2018 flu is hitting people hard. "If you're sick, stay home and take care of yourself". According to The New York Times, experts say they are, "because even when the shot does not prevent you from catching the flu, it may save you from dying of it. Everyone is at risk of getting influenza and the best way to protect themselves is by getting the flu shot and making sure that they themselves are protected and their loved ones are also protected", Mosli said. Look, it can't hurt. Here's where you can get vaccinatedThat information is helpful because if there is an unusual outbreak, it would help delivery more of the vaccine.

  • Joanne Flowers