White House preparing for government shutdown

At around 10PM, the Senate took up a procedural vote to advance a Republican plan to fund the government four additional weeks.

A test vote on a filibuster by Senate Democrats appeared likely before the shutdown deadline.

A government shutdown sees many federal employees sent home (or "furloughed") while others - including members of the military - may not be paid.

The shutdown began a year to the day after Mr. Trump was sworn in as president.

It also said it would not discuss immigration until the government was up and running again.

"But look, we shouldn't shut down the government and deprive American citizens of services, especially deprive kids of health insurance for the next six years, all because the Democrats are not going to get there way in giving amnesty to illegal immigrants and encouraging more illegal immigration in the future", Cotton said.

The White House is trying to deflect any responsibility if there is no agreement, while the OMB director is pointing out there is nothing in the temporary spending bill that the Democrats oppose; John Roberts has the roundup for 'Special Report'.

In return, Schumer pointed the finger directly at Trump. That makes Republican efforts to brand their self-made crisis the "Schumer Shutdown" that much more pathetic.

Democrats say they have the votes to block the GOP measure.

And so technically, the USA government ran out of money at midnight on Friday (5am Saturday, UK-time).

"Every American knows the Republican Party controls [the] White House, the Senate, the House - it is their job to keep the government open". While five Democrats ended up voting for the measure, five Republicans voted against it. Democrats object to how Republicans have shirked continuing an immigration program for young people brought to country illegally as children.

Trump's administration also said it planned to keep national parks open with rangers and security guards on duty.

"They're in charge", Schumer said today as he entered his Capitol office.

If lawmakers fail to pass a spending bill by 11:59 pm Friday, some units of the government will close down. Essential services will still run. Though the impact would initially be spotty - since most agencies would be closed until Monday - the story would be certain to dominate weekend news coverage, and each party would be gambling the public would blame the other.

INSKEEP: OK. So talk us through this.

The showdown follows a months-long struggle in Congress to agree on government funding levels and the immigration issue. Trump rescinded the program in September and called for Congress to come up with a legislative solution; when it did, in a bipartisan deal put together by Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Dick Durbin (D-IL), Trump struck the bill down.

A major roadblock in negotiations was democrats insisting that DACA be part of any funding deal.

  • Leroy Wright