Over to Senate as House passes stopgap measure

A White House spokeswoman denied that Trump's planned trip to Florida had been canceled, saying no decisions about travel beyond Friday have yet been made.

Schumer told Roll Call he hoped he could reach a deal with his outer-borough NY counterpart in the White House and keep the government operating past midnight Friday, when the current continuing resolution expires.

"But what is more, the incredibly short-term continuing resolutions he is now proposing do not meet any of the demands - none of them - that he, and his own conference, and Democrats in the House have been making for weeks", McConnell said. That has not created an atmosphere ripe for compromise.

Both parties face risks if the government shutters.

"We were operating under a sort of 30 percent shutdown up until yesterday, I think it's ratcheted up now", Mulvaney told White House reporters.

Ryan said at a news conference Thursday that whipping efforts on the proposal are "doing fine" and that Trump's tweet on CHIP was not causing "problems at all".

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday morning to express his displeasure with Senate Democrats with hours to go before the government potentially shuts down. Then you might start losing pay, and that would certainly be a squeeze. "Apparently, they believe the issue of illegal immigration is more important than everything else - all the government services the American people depend on". This isn't a Cindarella situation: the government (mostly) won't turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight.

The government last shut down in October 2013 for 16 days after Sen. Members of Congress continue to get paid in a government shutdown.

Tourists might be disappointed.

In the event of a shutdown, the Interior Department plans to keep national parks and other public lands accessible.

How did we get here?

"After months of fruitless negotiations over helping to get legal status for the hundreds of thousands of immigrants protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program - something President Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan have both claimed to want - they seem to have had enough". And his previous comments about "shithole countries" effectively killed a bipartisan deal in the works Sens. That has ratcheted up Democratic determination to force the issue. Republican leaders themselves no longer support them. Trump objected to a measure that would extend children's health insurance for the next six years, which had largely Democratic support but was being supported by some Republicans as a means of getting the bill passed. This time, it could not be more clear that the ones holding things up are the Democrats.

Are local legislators playing key roles? .

This marks the fourth short-term spending bill Congress has had on its plate since September.

House passage came only after conservatives secured a promise from House speaker Paul Ryan that he would soon advance some type of legislation to bolster USA military readiness, said Republican Representative Mark Meadows.

In 2013, the government shut down after Republicans insisted any government funding bill include provisions defunding Obamacare.

Republicans added sweeteners to the bill, hoping to make it tough for Democrats to oppose it.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has called for a deal to keep the government open for a few days while the Senate hammers out the details.

A senior Senate Democratic aide informed the Washington Post it was "almost certain" spending extension doesn't have the votes to pass the upper chamber.

That's not surprising: they represent a liberal state, with a large immigrant population. Trump said in another tweet that described Mexico as "now rated the most risky country in the world".

  • Leroy Wright