Number Of Maine Flu Deaths Rises To 21

According to the Center of Disease and Control, there have been 6,486 laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated hospitalizations reported between October 1, 2017 and January 6, 2018 resulting in the deaths of 20 children. And according to the state's Public Health Department, at least 3,269 people have tested positive for the flu in California.

Flu season is becoming a major problem for health departments across America, and the Missoula City-County Health Department is dealing with the same issues. Call (609) 465-1200 to make your appointment today. The droplets can land on surfaces or an individual, which can result in the spread of the infection.

"Even though it's not 100 percent effective, it does tend to diminish the symptoms and the severity of it".

"It's not going to guarantee you not getting sick, but it is absolutely better than the alternative" Patronis said.

"Stay home if you're sick", Fryman said.

Young children and the elderly are at greatest risk from flu and its complications.

"The H3N2 flu strain is what we are mainly seeing in Vermont and around the country", said Dr. Levine. Among county emergency departments, 9 percent of visits were for influenza-like illness.

Dr. Cherie Drenzek, state epidemiologist with the Georgia Department of Public Health, said it's still not too late to get your flu shot.

The most aggressive strain of the flu this season, identified as Influenza A virus subtype H3N2, is partly to blame.

The CCH clinics also have not reported many cases of the flu this season, she said.

"We can't quite say yet", said Tina Tan, New Jersey's state epidemiologist.

All of the deaths were people older than 55. As has been reported in the media, the influenza virus strains this year are aggressive.

Symptoms include fatigue, coughing, sneezing, muscle aches, and sudden fever. There also have been more flu deaths than typical.

Officials stressed the importance of good hand hygiene because unlike other viruses, washing with soap and hot water can kill influenza.

Just this month, the CDC reports that a majority of hospitalizations associated with the flu are among children ages 0-4. If diagnosed with the flu, stay home until the fever has been gone for 24 hours without taking a fever-reducing medicine.

  • Joanne Flowers