56 Percent Say Don't Shut Down Government to Save DACA — CNN Poll

House Republicans passed a continuing resolution Thursday evening to fund the government, but the stopgap spending measure's path in the Senate as that deadline looms is unclear.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, Mulvaney said, "is in a position to force this on the American people".

Congressman Bucshon: I think it's DACA, which is unfortunate.

The funding plan which had already made it through the House would have provided funding for the government through February 16. You have to have 60 votes in the Senate.

In the meantime, the Senate will likely take repeat votes on a short-term spending bill, and, Manley predicted, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will hope that with each vote, more Democrats change their mind and vote in favor of a four-week spending bill.

Congressman: We're putting our troops at risk and also federal government services across the country.

Now CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) seems to be on the line, too. IN is not one of those.

The 2.3% excise tax on USA medical device revenues was in effect for two years before a two-year moratorium began in 2016.

Both parties blamed each other for the potential shutdown. The DACA legislation is much more complicated.

"Rather than solve problems, Democratic leadership preferred a shutdown that has risky consequences for our national defense". We're not going to solve that today. We need a merit based system of immigration, and we need it now!

A senior White House official said they discussed at a Friday morning staff meeting that Trump will stay in Washington until a bill is passed.

Congressman: The Republican Party is very strong. He added that he was disappointed that Democrat colleagues are going to vote against it. That's who is holding it up.

Not speaking to each other: McConnell and Schumer.

The United States government shut down on Saturday, after members of Congress failed to reach an agreement on the divisive issue of immigration and government spending. "Now it is imminent all because Senate Democrats chose to filibuster a noncontroversial funding bill that contains nothing - not a thing - that they do not support".

This impasse follows a months-long struggle in Congress to agree on government funding levels and protections for Dreamers, most of whom are originally from Mexico and Central America.

For the most part, federal employees don't seem too concerned. It depends on the administration.

"I mean you just have a President that is not leading and not getting people into a room and not shouting, and cajoling, and laughing, and having a good time, and having a bad time", he said.

"What we have just witnessed on the floor was a cynical decision to shove aside millions of Americans for the sake of irresponsible political gains", the GOP leader said.

SK: All right, well, we'll be watching.

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