Trump slams Senate Dems as shutdown looms

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) says that if the government does shut down Friday due to lack of funding, the Democrats will be to blame for prioritizing amnesty over funding of the military.

McConnell says he looks forward to a vote soon, though Democrats and a handful of Republicans are expected to filibuster the measure. "I call on our Senators on both sides of the aisle to support a sensible solution and ensure we keep the government up and running".

Of course, this comes just hours before the government is set to run out of money. Whoever works for agencies and departments that are considered nonessential, including agencies that pay out small business loans and process passport requests, will cease to work until Congress is able to agree on a bill for the federal budget. And they want to make sure those people are protected. They also believe they will win the politics of the blame game because Republicans control the House, Senate and White House. If no agreement is reached by Saturday, the federal government is poised to shut down which leave many federal workers on furlough and only "essential" functions of the government operating.

The lower chamber approved the measure in a 230-197 vote.

JOHN KENNEDY: Our first job is to keep government going. The official said the administration was banking on a less than 50 percent chance of a shutdown. But, he added, "we're planning for it as though it's 100 percent".

"Democratic senators' fixation on illegal immigration has already blocked us from making progress on long-term spending talks", Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said. President Donald Trump ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program a year ago, telling lawmakers to find a solution.

Still, he said that he's open to that. "We can pass a noncontroversial, bipartisan bill to keep the government open", the majority leader said.

House Speaker Paul Ryan won over numerous conservative hold-outs by promising to address a series of bills to increase funding for the military to ensure "readiness".

The President was scheduled to travel to Florida on Friday evening to spend the weekend at Mar-a-Lago. "There's a House race coming up in March", Smith said, following a speech by President Donald Trump. But the bill must now pass through the Senate where it is likely to face heavy opposition.

Democrats and many Republicans say they favor a deal that would allow DACA recipients to stay in the country and give them a path to citizenship. Trump objected to a measure that would extend children's health insurance for the next six years, which had largely Democratic support but was being supported by some Republicans as a means of getting the bill passed.

In recent months, the two major USA parties have been locked in a stalemate over a number of issues, including efforts to secure new protections for young undocumented immigrants known as "Dreamers".

  • Joanne Flowers