Tide Pod Challenge: YouTube cracks down on viral stunt

Hartlen says if someone sees a person about to eat a pod, they should "feel free to give them an orange" instead.

Joan McVoy, spokeswoman for the Nebraska Regional Poison Center, said her organization is "concerned about any edible products meant to look like a potentially toxic substance, since they can be particularly confusing to young children".

"Hurts Donut company in general has never really claimed to be a serious business anyways so we're just kind of poking fun at it and saying you know putting out our own PSA saying eat this not that", she said.

According to AAPCC data, in 2016 and 2017, poison control centers handled thirty-nine and fifty-three cases of intentional exposures, respectively, among thirteen to nineteen year olds.

While most people wouldn't consume something created to wash clothes, the trend has been attributed to a high number of poisonings in the USA this year.

YouTube is leading a crackdown on the so-called Laundry Pod Challenge after United States poison centres reported a spate of incidents involving teenagers ingesting laundry detergent. They're for cleaning your laundry, not for challenges.

Even Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has said some strong words for anyone looking to try out the unsafe trend.

Jokes about the temptation to bite into the colourful pods have existed for years on social media, says Snopes.

This isn't the first time Berthiaume bucked the notion that you shouldn't play with your food.

"It's one of the most ridiculous things I ever heard in my life", Khodorkovsky said.

Laundry pods are supposed to be used for washing clothes.

Act quickly at any hint of worse symptoms, or if the child already has a chronic breathing condition like asthma, Khodorkovsky said.

If someone does ingest laundry detergent, officials urge people to call the poison control helpline immediately at 800-222-1222. I would call 911 because those are significant symptoms.

  • Carolyn Briggs