Nintendo Labo transforms Switch into a cardboard toybox

Here's how it works: you order a kit including a Nintendo Switch cartridge and cardboard templates, and the cartridge guides you through the step-by-step process of assembling whatever accessory you've chosen to make - a fishing rod, a tiny vehicle, a piano. For $10 more, players can get the giant Robot Kit, which contains the cardboard robotic exoskeleton seen in the trailer. The objective of Nintendo Labo is to give kids a more hands-on experience while playing games on the Nintendo Switch.

Earlier on Wednesday, Nintendo promised it would reveal a new interactive experience for Switch owners, before the day was out.

On January 18, Nintendo has announced Nintendo Labo. Seems like decent value at around $20 per Toy-Con project. Built using cardboard sheets, these tools will allow you to turn the Switch into different types of controllers that will interact with Labo games.

Nintendo intends to sell a Variety Kit for $70, while the Robot Kit will be $80.

Well, Nintendo Labo is exactly like that, but the accessories are made of cardboard, and it includes all sorts of different physical interfaces, not just a steering wheel.

Nintendo Labo releases this year on April 20th, 2018. The name might sound weird, but it appears to be a wonderful companion to the Nintendo Switch console. The Variety Kit includes 2 RC Cars, the fishing pole, a house, a motorbike, and a 13-key piano that uses the Switch's camera to read what keys are being pressed. They're basically cardboard cutouts that can be used with your Nintendo Switch console. In short, that means the Joy-Cons play an important role in getting Nintendo Labo to work. The kits do come with the accompanying software, but the price might still be too high for some people - especially when you consider the fact that it's literally cardboard. The Nintendo Joycons can then be inserted into these peripherals to provide new types of "controllers".

The Robot Kit will help you develop an interactive robot suit that will feature a visor, straps for your feet and hands and backpack.

  • Julie Sanders