Here's How To Turn Off The New Feature

Unfortunately, some of these updates are unwelcome, especially the latest change.

To turn off the feature, head over to your settings where you can disable the feature. We lately rolled out the ability to see when people you follow or message in Direct were last active on Instagram, and they can see when you were last active.

Background colors are randomly selected by Instagram itself, but if you don't like them, Instagram will give you the possibility to take a photo, on which the background color effect will be applied. Thankfully, you can toggle it off by going to the Settings. Meanwhile, you can disable this last active option and protect your privacy.

They said: "The Skygofree Android implant is one of the most powerful spyware tools that we have ever seen for this platform". This feature is still in closed testing mode and might be available to all the users in coming months.

But Instagram has now made a decision to follow in the footsteps of Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger by adding a feature that tells friends when you were last online checking out some flawlessly filtered salads. The timestamps let you see up to the minute someone used the service. The new active now and last active feature is likely aimed at making messaging on the app a more seamless experience. It can also show that you have been "active today". But, do keep in mind that preventing others from seeing your activity status also prevents you from seeing theirs.

Only users you follow or have a history of chatting with can see your activity.

Now we're always online - even when we're on holiday, in a meeting or on a date, someone can direct message, tweet or WhatsApp us.

  • Arturo Norris