Get ready for an enormous upset on the NFL's Championship Sunday

He did not necessarily seem happier to answer the question, but he was more willing to offer up an explanation. Turns out, however, that the weekend didn't go according to plan.

"That's the beauty of the National Football League right there", the GM said this week.

"I had never done it before and then when I got up here, he always said when it gets cold and dry out, it's nice to have a little extra tack".

"To see the way they tortured Brady, the way Von (Miller) just tortured Brady that whole game and how he took over that game, that's something that I'm probably going to be watching the whole week", defensive end Dante Fowler said. Jason, a cornerback, played for the Tennessee Titans for eight seasons before joining the Cleveland Browns in 2017 - without a single post-season berth along the way.

Rapoport provided another encouraging update for Pats fans this morning, tweeting, "Tom Brady's right hand "should be OK", per someone close to him. It all is setting up for an upset".

Colvin said: "I can't wait to hold up that trophy one day". We'll see how it all plays out on Sunday.

From a highly scrutinized game-managing quarterback to a powerful and precocious rookie running back to a fast-playing and tough-talking defense, the teams certainly share a few prominent similarities.

I want Jacksonville to win this game so, so bad. If anyone can do it, it is Brady, and if anyone can prepare for it, it's Belichick. They have nothing to prove and the Jaguars are going to learn that fast.

Brady has worn gloves in the past, although he said in December that he's moved away from wearing them on his throwing hand. So I've been the starter on [four] different teams.

I am going to gulp and go ahead and do this. You have a team that no one took for real and they have proved doubters into believers. All the yards and all the touchdowns weren't enough, however, for the fiery offensive coordinator to keep his job. During the season, they did a good job of limiting turnovers and they can control the clock with their offense, that's big. After what's been dubbed the "Minneapolis Miracle" that lifted them past New Orleans last Sunday, they believe anything is possible. "Breese bounced back in the second half but they don't face a Brees this week".

The matchup is a bit insane as the Eagles' backup quarterback Nick Foles took over for the injured starter Carson Wentz weeks ago and now hopes to succeed against a very tough Vikings defense.

  • Leroy Wright