Apple will give users the option to control their own battery's destiny

And if you do not want it, you can turn it off.

Apple has also slashed the prices of batteries in the last month, something Cook said was a "rational" decision for the company. It was argued that the issue lay with the decaying battery and instead of fixing the problem, Apple chose to slow down the iPhone.

The developer preview of the next iOS update should roll out in February, so we can expect the full public version to be available in March. He also said that "if you don't want [that safeguard], you can turn it off". "We apologize", Apple said in a statement on December 28.

Apple had earlier promised an update that would provide better insight about the battery life and its impact on the iPhones.

Apple did apologize for the confusion and drastically reduced the battery replacement fee to make up for the blunder. You can watch Tim Cook's explanation in the video below around the 4:30 mark. It affected the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE.

Apple will give users the option to control their own battery's destiny

After being surrounded by controversies and class action lawsuits regarding slowing down of iPhones due to poor battery health, Apple will now address this issue through software to retain user loyalty. Apple's solution is to offer people with older iPhones and degraded batteries a new battery for $29. Jarvis also asked questions about the company's response to recent revelations of deliberate performance reductions to iPhones with aging batteries. The iPhone 6 in particular was heavily impacted by this, with performance drops as high as 50 percent.

Tim Cook this week confirmed that an upcoming iOS update will allow users to opt-out of the automatic throttling "feature". Most of the time, people just install the software updates without going into specifics regarding what it brings. "Maybe we should have been clearer at a point in time, but our actions were always the purest".

Apple was recently found to be intentionally slowing down older iPhone devices.

During the ABC interview, Cook also confirmed reports that Apple is giving staffers $2,500 bonuses in restricted stock units following the passing of new USA tax law.

  • Arturo Norris