Lots more people watched 'Minneapolis Miracle' than Georgia-Alabama

The season was over. After being thoroughly disappointed by the Vikings for so many years, I finally made a decision to emotionally detach myself around the time Blair Walsh shanked a potential game-winning 27-yard field goal in the NFC wild card playoffs against the Seahawks a couple years ago.

"Viking fans were pretty excited about that one, as were we", Thielen said, adding he has already watched it "hundreds" of times.

Case Keenum will be one of three very unlikely quarterbacks in the championship games, along with Tom Brady. But the Vikings don't get that kind of fortune, ever.

The Vikings are going to be put in a similar situation come the offseason. There was "Taking a Knee" in 1999.

Even as Diggs celebrated, other players and coaches were hesitant.

New Orleans, left for dead by many after an 0-2 start, came roaring back with eight consecutive wins and held off the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons to win the NFC South, the NFL's toughest division. Sunday night's final play was just icing on the cake.

Yes, it's pretty clear Diggs has always been a popular player in the Vikings locker room - just as it's clear he has soared up the charts as one of the most popular players in franchise history.

Johnson didn't doubt Keenum would make a big play at the biggest moment in his career. Finally, fans could embrace and have a 12-ounce celebration, rather than drowning sorrows.

"It was just my play to make", Williams told reporters after the game.

The Vikings could've won the game on defense with a stop on fourth-and-10, but Drew Brees did what he does, found an open receiver for a first down.

The hardest part might be how long the Saints have to wait to get back on the field. That leads Brees to connect with Alvin Kamara on the lovely wheel route, putting the Saints to a 21-20 lead.

Keenum tossed the ball to Stefon Diggs in a play where Diggs was supposed to get out of bounds.

However, Williams will now be known as the player who whiffed badly on a tackle that would have prevented arguably the greatest play in National Football League playoff history. Any flags on the play? "If he slipped, I'm going to try to stay up". The answer is no.

The Vikings are now one more win away from being a first-time Super Bowl host. Still, the Vikings are 1-4 in NFC championship games on the road, losing the past four. In meeting with the team on Monday morning, Zimmer reminded them of what's at stake.

Anyone who has watched even a smidgen of football over the past month knows that officiating has turned us into pigskin Shakespeares: "A catch or not a catch, that is the question".

  • Julie Sanders