Nintendo to Roll Out Marquee Titles for Switch

If you missed out on any of these games when they first came out, then the Nintendo Switch is giving you another chance to dive on in. As anyone who played those games - or the brilliant Switch title Golf Story - knows, these sports story modes tend to be incredibly entertaining detours from the competitive play that are loaded with creative minigames.

NPD has yet to share an official press release on the sales of consoles and games during the month of December 2016.

A demo for Dragon Quest Builders will also be available today.

Things kicked off with a remake fans have been clamoring for for years, as cult classic The World Ends With You gets a Final Remix version on the Switch, including a new epilogue and story content.

The game launches later this year, though Nintendo did not detail a more specific release window. The update is due in February. Wave 1 will have Aegislash and support pokemonRayquaza and Mimikyu. It will be available in one of the two paid DLC packs. While Kirby games have taken the pink puff into a giant robot or a kingdom of yarn, this new game goes back to the roots of Kirby while bringing cooperative gameplay into the mix.

The Direct also showed off new copy abilities for Kirby including Artist and Spider, and a 4-player co-op ability called the Friend Train, which allows all players to team up. The second set will be released on March 23rd. Nintendo says the Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition has all the characters, maps, and missions from the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of the game.

Nintendo has promised to reveal more information about Mario Tennis Aces soon.

The PS4/Vita/PC RPG from 2017 will be available for Switch during the summer.

The fan service focused brawler, SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy from NIS will be an all-female character game. The newest DLC will include a new story mode that finally includes Donkey Kong properly into the story. Bank heist shooting game PAYDAY 2 will be released on February 27th, 2018.

In this new type of platforming adventure, players run, climb and glide their way through a dark Nordic forest to explore its living, breathing world.

Celeste releases on Switch January 25th. You can see more of the game in action in portable and tabletop modes here.

Fe lets you control a fox-like creature as it travels through a forest that reacts to the songs its inhabitants sing.

Those sales came on top of last year's strong sales of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

"When the main character Neku suddenly encounters the mysterious girl Shiki, he gets caught up in a deadly game".

  • Carolyn Briggs