Bipartisan Group Of Senators Say They've Negotiated An Immigration Deal

"DACA is probably dead because the Democrats don't really want it, they just want to talk and take desperately needed money away from our military", Trump said on Twitter. The White House did not deny his remark but issued a statement saying Trump supports immigration policies that welcome "those who can contribute to our society".

"And during their lifetime, leaders in Washington have not been able to reach an agreement to fix the broken immigration system that allowed them to enter in the first place". "Are they going to be forced to move to a country that they haven't known since they were kids?"

The lawmakers say they're seeking enough support to push the deal through Congress. Jeff Flake. The group includes Flake and Illinois Democratic Sen.

Trump, under pressure from some conservatives, has said any DACA deal with Democrats must include ending "chain migration", which could jeopardize the parents of Dreamers who are still in the United States illegally, and a visa lottery program. If Democrats want a seat at the negotiating table, they should bring something to it. Trump's request covers 74 miles of border wall as part of a 10-year, $18 billion proposal.

"We can now we say with 100% confidence that the president is a racist who does not share the values enshrined in our Constitution".

Trump had adopted the Democrats' position and abandoned his own, which is, or was, that any action to help the Dreamers had to be accompanied by tough-on-immigration measures - such as funding for Trump's border wall. "And we need to have this conversation".

"The point is that we need a total reform of our immigration system, and it should not be tied to the current debate over DACA and the 'Dreamers, '" he added.

The unusually public meeting laid bare a back-and-forth between the parties more typically confined to closed-door negotiations. That's why then-candidate Donald Trump called DACA "illegal executive amnesty" in 2016.

Trump responded, "I would like it. ..."

"You can not dismiss entire countries and continents as 'shitholes, ' whose entire populations, who are not white, are therefore not welcome", he added.

The group declared the 17 Senate Democrats who voted for the bill the "Deportation Caucus" and, in a social-media barrage, said they "voted to deport young immigrants".

"We have something in common: We'd like to see this get done", Trump said.

Trump said he was only expressing what many people think but won't say about immigrants from economically depressed countries, according to a person who spoke to the president as criticism of his comments ricocheted around the globe. But it includes conservative priorities opposed by Democrats, including scrapping the visa-lottery program and chain migration, which allows immigrants with citizenship to petition to bring relatives to the country.

Donald Trump's widely reported and confirmed comments during immigration negotiations denouncing policies that invited people from "shithole countries" into the US have without question increased the odds of a government shutdown.

But Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of SC, whom Durbin said had voiced objection to Trump's comments during the meeting, issued a statement that did not dispute the remarks.

"I'm sure there's good things in it, but six people can't agree to something that will bind the Congress", said Sen.

"Following comments by the president, I said my piece directly to him yesterday".

Trump had met with lawmakers on Tuesday afternoon, in an hour-long televised meeting, to begin negotiations before Judge Alsup handed down his ruling.

$1.6 billion for designing and building structures including a wall. Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer and other Democrats are playing a chess game: They know Republicans want an increase in defense spending, and they're seeking to use that as leverage to gain domestic spending increases, renewal of the Children's Health Insurance Program, disaster relief and DACA legislation.

Many Republicans wouldn't like it, but it might win Trump over.

  • Zachary Reyes