Topeka forecast calls for snow

The NWS's hourly forecast has the highest probability of rain from 10 a.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Saturday. Jeanie Beall, manager of the Kroger Marketplace in Georgetown, said Thursday her store had been "very, very busy", with customers loading up on groceries before the impending snow.

Day, snow showers. High near 21.

Ice and sleet as well as reduced visibility are expected to make travel conditions risky Friday morning. As cold air continues to stream in, we will have snow Saturday. Forecasters caution drivers to take it slow during the evening commute.

FRIDAY: Cloudy with rain.

"After reaching the 50s and 60s along the Interstate 95 corridor late this past week, high temperatures will be held in the 20s and 30s into next week", AccuWeather Meteorologist Kyle Elliott said.

A flash freeze is distinct from freezing rain.

Boston is expected to receive up to 2 inches of rain by the storm's end. The highest totals are ikely over southeastern MA. This isn't going to be a major flooding event, but some streets could become impassable for a short period of time. Since the ground is frozen, water could seep into basements that are prone to flooding. As many have been suggesting all week, give your sump pumps a quick check before Friday. This after sleet and ice made for another deep freeze early Saturday morning.

Any standing water in the parking lots or on the roads early in the day will have turned to ice.

"Rapidly changing weather conditions" are on tap for Saturday.

Today's rain is expected to transition into a wintery mix around midnight and into snow later.

Heavy mixed precipitation is possible. While not almost as harsh as our last cold outbreak, we are likely in for another stretch of several days below freezing (Sunday into next week).

A developing coastal storm will likely bring snow to the state on Tuesday.

  • Leroy Wright