Rose McGowan Does Not Believe The System Can Change From Within

After being one of the first victims to publicly come forward with accusations against Harvey Weinstein, McGowan says the media is finally realizing that "this person I thought was insane and weird" has "something coming out of her mouth that might make sense".

The New York Times reported last October that McGowan was one of at least eight women with whom Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein had reached financial settlements regarding his alleged inappropriate sexual conduct.

Argento came forward with claims Weinstein assaulted her in a New Yorker article published days after the Time piece, which suggested actresses and models like McGowan were paid off to stay silent about their encounters with the movie mogul. "I never signed an NDA, actually", McGowan told reporters at TCA. "I know I make people uncomfortable", she said. I am just one of so many. "We had the opportunity, I think, to see the opposite sides of the same coin, see different perspectives, which is one of our major themes of the show.perception, and how perception challenges your best judgment sometimes". So I know a lot of things.

So how did her name end up on the letter, endorsing the movement?

The former Charmed actress made the admission to reporters and TV critics while speaking about her new TV series Citizen Rose, though she did not refer to Weinstein by name.

She heaped casual scorn on journalists who, she said, "painted me as insane". "I know where they have their meetings, I know who's sponsoring it".

She continued, "Whenever I'm creating art I'm free and I'm happy. It's raw and it's true and it's my truth". On Tuesday, she reiterated her skepticism about Time's Up, the recently formed organization to combat sexual misconduct inside and outside of Hollywood.

Mr Jonathan Murray, the chairman of Bunim/Murray, the production company behind reality shows such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, said: "As it all blew up this fall, we've been filming".

In the past, McGowan has also been vocal about her opinion on the issue, frequently taking to Twitter.

During the Golden Globes, the first trailer for McGowan's documentary series about sexual assault and harassment in Hollywood aired. Weinstein has denied her claims and now McGowan reveals she's going broke as she attempts to cover her legal fees, related to the matter.

  • Salvatore Jensen