New Zealand welcomes the New Year with a fireworks show

It's hard to imagine setting off fireworks in frigid weather as an enjoyable way to celebrate New Year's Eve.

"Usually, we are so busy working that we don't realize it has turned over midnight but we enjoy spending our time together", Hale said.

A 20-second segment of the fireworks display was designed by The Greatest Showman actor and native Australian Hugh Jackman. The event, which opens at 3 p.m., includes numerous stages with music and other performances, art and art vendors, kids activities, a food court, and other fun stuff.

The heightened security concerns come after a Werribee man was charged in November with allegedly plotting a New Year's Eve terror attack at locations including Federation Square.

Hale's son, Matthew, said it's not only time well spent but it also helps a good cause.

According to the regulations, you must be 18-years-old to buy and set off fireworks that are in your own yard or an approved area of apartment complexes.

The New Year's Eve celebration kicks off at 9:30 the Inner Harbor Amphitheater.

"It's going to be chilly, so that will keep you awake", said Adamson.

Sydney was one of the first to welcome in the new year, with celebrations around the world coming within hours.

-Have a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water on hand to extinguish any incipient fire.

They said there's no better way to celebrate the holiday, but first things first, always be careful when using them. "We're looking to accommodate a lot of guests", owner Paul Kulik said.

"We want to see the fireworks and the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and the boats all in the one spot". They start at 8pm on Sunday 31st December and will go on until 12.15am on January 1st so if you're going to be watching, make sure you're ready for then.

  • Zachary Reyes