Murray comes off the bench to send Brighton through

"I will be very limited in my choice of players for the game at Brighton simply because it has come on us very quickly". I had a few spiteful comments to the referee on the way in, but that's just my nature, I'm afraid. So I have to congratulate the system and I have no complaints at all.

The Crystal Palace players felt sure Murray had handled the ball but Andre Marriner, the referee, kept his hand over his earpiece and heard little to dissuade him that the Brighton...

"I think what confuses it is it does come off his thigh but of course he throws his chest and arm towards the ball". In fact, I dare you to give an answer (that makes sense) to the following: Why did they choose the final game of the 3rd round to start VAR and not use it for all the games in the 3rd round? It is not rare in Italy, Germany, or any other country where VAR is used, to see a goal ruled out thanks to VAR only sometime after the celebrations have stopped.

But the bottom line is, they made the correct decision - even if they did get lucky.

"If it can be introduced smoothly, fine".

The system allows for dialogue between the on-pitch referee and the VAR without a formal review.

After losing their first seven league matches of the season, the Eagles have now taken nine points from their last seven and Hodgson believes they are making progress. Crucially, they won't see what broadcasters show - replays etc - so will remain uninfluenced by anything external to what they see on those camera angles.

"So by looking at all of the footage available, the VAR can advise the referee if he's made a clear and obvious error".

He will then have to inform the match referee, otherwise the latter's decision will stand. For now, its domain has been restricted to four game-changing categories - awarding goals, penalty or no penalty decisions, direct red cards, and cases of mistaken identity for red or yellow cards.

Arsenal and Chelsea meet in the Carabao Cup semifinal first leg on Wednesday at Stamford Bridge, before the corresponding return leg at the Emirates Stadium on January 24. We'll put out a team that we think is right.

That proved to be the trend for the rest of the first half as Brighton went into the break leading. On average, it is one every 4.2 matches. "As long as we don't increase interference".

Federation Internationale de Football Association president Gianni Infantino is keen for VAR to be used at this summer's tournament in Russia.

  • Salvatore Jensen