Canada warns Salvadorans in USA they might not qualify for asylum

This week their hopes were dashed. He has vowed to crack down on illegal immigration, yet revoking TPS is changing the legal status of hundreds of thousands of immigrants now living in the US from legal to undocumented. The U.S. needs a smarter and better approach to dealing with foreign nationals left in limbo by protracted instability in their home countries.

Back then, I got to know Salvadoran refugees living in the NY suburbs, perhaps three dozen in a single suburban raised ranch, their privacy provided by sheets strung across rooms between their beds. "In Bowling Green there are Salvadorans who have fought for us in the Iraq War, mortgaged homes to start little factories, and have nearly ideal 4 point averages in college".

Is this what we want in Virginia and the country?

All eyes are needed on an issue in Washington, D.C., that's getting little news coverage. Widely seen as hardworking and family-centered, Salvadorans were considered key to reversing Baltimore's population decline and reviving the economy.

Joining us now from Ottawa to talk about this is Alan Freeman. DHS was expected to decide by January 8 what to do in the case of Salvadorans with TPS, but various groups in the country, including a national coalition of cities and counties, are clamoring to allow them to stay. "Because if you don't fill these criteria, chances are you'll be returned, not to the USA but to your native country". In addition, this will further disrupt the Salvadoran economy which now receives and estimated 17 percent of its revenue from family members in the United States. According to the Center for Migration Studies of NY, almost 90 percent are employed and close to a third of now-US based Salvadorans own homes. "You want to send 195,000 kids - your own people - to a place where you've said is too risky for Americans to travel?"

One analysis shows that if Salvadoran TPS holders as well as tens of thousands from Honduras and Haiti were removed from the labor force, the United States would lose $164 billion in GDP over the next decade - without counting $6.9 billion in lost contributions to Social Security and Medicare.

Neither company said in recent public filings which customers are serviced from El Salvador, but Convergys counts AT&T as its biggest client. Speaking to Spanish-language television station Univisión this morning, Republican Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida had this to say: "They've been here for 20 years". "They can ask for your kids, and they can have them". His office is working to coordinate an event next week for free legal screenings in response to Monday's announcement.

Under the plan's protections, Nolasco started a small construction and home remodeling business with her husband Walter Dubon, a permanent legal resident.

If we tear the opportunity from those we've already given it to, we are no longer the people and ideas this nation was founded on. A path to permanent residence for productive, long-term TPS recipients would receive broad support from the US public. Over 100,000 children were encountered by US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) between 2013 and 2014. And his botched response to Hurricane Maria has hardly endeared him to the Puerto Rican community, and they're US citizens.

Tears welled in Arianna's eyes when she heard her mother share the eviction date.

With tears brimming in her own eyes, Vanessa held her daughter's hand. "What he didn't want is two efforts simultaneously that are going at the same time, his effort to try to get our bill to the floor, and my effort to try to push a discharge petition", Coffman said. "We have to have clear thoughts and figure out how to proceed".

The 23-year-old college student was brought to the United States when he was 9 and never went back.

  • Leroy Wright