4 dead, more than 300 hospitalized in Georgia as flu spreads — CDC

The Centers for Disease Control said today that it considers all the flu deaths nationally to be under-reported.

In Colorado, the number of hospitalizations for flu continue to climb.

Statewide, hospital emergency rooms are overwhelmed with patients suffering flu-like symptoms, with the number now standing at 7.4 percent - well above the usual threshold of 5 percent. This season, the almost 50 per cent of flu cases in B.C. have been Influenza B. Elsewhere, there has been widespread media coverage of healthy adults who have died after getting the flu. SW; Health Center - Town & Country, 831 South Broadway; and Health Center - Medical Arts, 400 Burdick Expressway E. It recently put up flu signage equipped with masks, tissues and hand sanitizer. "You've heard us in the past say they only work in the first 48 hours", said ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Jennifer Ashton.

So far, influenza B strains have not yet appeared, and Jernigan said it was not too late for people who have not been immunized to benefit from a flu shot. In December, officials said there were more than 300 confirmed cases. "So far, there have been five long-term care facilities in an outbreak".

CBS4 stopped by Hillcrest Senior Living in Loveland and found residents there were beating the odds. "Tamiflu is used for the treatment of influenza-related complications and there is a short supply around the world", Dr Sands said.

While seasonal flu usually circulates annually, this year's breakout has added to the misery of an NHS now under extreme winter pressures.

All of the staff and most of the residents at Hillcrest have been vaccinated.

One suburban San Diego case shows how serious the flu can be.

"The overall protection of the flu vaccine to all types of flu in Australia this year was 33 per cent", Harding said. The particular strain of H3N2 flu that is affecting the United Kingdom is similar to the type that Australians suffered during their last winter.

The CDC said as long as influenza viruses are circulating, it's beneficial to get the shot. According to the CDC, this year's flu shot included an influenza A H1N1, an influenza A H3N2, and an influenza B/Victoria lineage virus. State officials are not mandated to report flu deaths among those 65 and older. "You don't expect to wake up with sniffles and two days later find yourself in a medically induced coma".

The flu can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death.

Dellsperger said he couldn't say how many he had but 50-60 percent of admissions were for respiratory complaints and likely flu-related.

Avoid touching your face, nose, mouth and eyes.

For example, he said, if they have more patients than they can handle.

What are the symptoms of flu? They all recovered quickly.

It claimed there had been a surge in cases of Japanese flu, and more people fighting the deadly Aussie strain.

What can you do if you feel like you have the flu?

I symptoms persist or get worse, then seek medical advise.

In addition, many hospitals in MI and nationwide are experiencing shortages of IV bags and other fluids and supplies used to deliver medicine and treat dehydrated patients.

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