Do You Recognize the Hunting Logo on Tonya Harding's Skating Sweatshirt?

Tonya Harding walks the red carpet at the 75th Golden Globes.

"I spanked her once with a hairbrush at a competition", Golden said.

But, according to a new interview, Harding admitted to hearing her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly and his pal Shawn Eckardt plot to remove Kerrigan from the competition after she won the USA figure skating crown. People said that her sin - before her other sins - was not being the Disney princess Barbie doll that the Figure Skating Association demanded of its skaters.

Show of hands - how many remember Tonya Harding?

These supporting performances are so authentically nonsensical and hilarious that "I, Tonya" sports one of the year's best ensembles delivering some of the best dumb-dialogue you'll hear. What does Tonya Harding now reveal about "the infamous Incident", Nancy Kerrigan, and her life today? "You played her perfectly, '" Janney told ABC.

Bringing up the attack once more, Morgan pressed, "You did know what was happening, what they were planning to do didn't you?"

"Not right now", she said when asked if she had a comment on the movie.

"I didn't abuse any of my children", Golden said per part of the interview ABC News released before airing the show.

Morgan ended up having the last word when he abruptly concluded the interview with, "Ok we'll leave it there".

Julianne Nicholson, Sebastian Stan, and Margot Robbie in "I, Tonya".

In the special, Harding also accuses Golden of throwing a steak knife at her when she was younger, a moment that is created in the new film I, Tonya, which was inspired by Harding's life and centers around Harding and Golden's volatile relationship.

It's an unfair, distasteful social habit that you would think the compassionate progressives in Hollywood would avoid. The suspects in the incident were caught and prosecuted, and both Harding and Kerrigan moved on to skate in the games, with Kerrigan earning a silver medal.

After a practice session on January 6, 1994, someone tried to break US figure skating champion Nancy Kerrigan's legs. "I can skate, '" Harding shared with interviewer Amy Robach. Simon Bruty, Getty Images Jeff Gillooy, ex-husband of figure skater Tonya Harding, is escorted out of the Federal Bureau of Investigation office after surrendering shortly after a warrant for his arrest was issued.

In all the buzz of the award-winningbiopic and her multiple media profiles, Tonya Harding just lost her trusty publicist.

Tonya Harding's story is the ideal vehicle for this commentary, but the film also serves to restore humanity to a long lived pop culture villain.

Another ice-skating icon unimpressed with the movie is former Olympian Johnny Weir, who took to Twitter this week to express his disgust at what he perceived as glorification of Harding and a mockery of Kerrigan's suffering. "Tonya herself called us trailer trash".

The movie opens with a title card informing us that it's been inspired by "irony-free, wildly contradictory interviews" by the real-life figures involved in Harding's life and career, which are then dramatized on-screen. From that point, Gillespie tracks Tonya's slippery path, from the skater's abusive childhood to her downfall while still in her 20s. "I don't want her anywhere near my son", Harding said.

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