Christie Wants NJ Coast Out Of Offshore Drilling Plan

Many states are reliant on coastal tourism and commerce as an economic driver, rendering Zinke's explanation farcical.

And in a video interview for "Anderson Cooper 360", the OR governor expressed incredulity over Zinke's claims that Florida's coastline was unique for its dependence on tourism. Some cited Zinke's claim that "Florida is unique and its coasts are heavily reliant on tourism as an economic driver". Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), a longtime opponent of offshore drilling.

On Twitter, several governors, attorneys general and lawmakers representing coastal states asked Zinke to extend the exemption for Florida to their coastal waters. "Our coastal beaches are really important to Oregonians", she said. Florida was not among the states that requested exclusion from the drilling plan previous year, including California, Oregon, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Washington. I'll try again: "Not Off Our Coast - RC".

Florida's Rick Scott (R) was among the coastal governors who spoke up.

And a spokesperson for Charlie Baker, the popular Republican governor of MA, said Wednesday that he opposes Trump's plan to allow offshore drilling up the East Coast.

"We can not chance those resources, that economy, this is a matter of serious imporance to us in SC".

McMaster also said he will be taking "appropriate steps" to address the issue with Trump.

Oil and gas exploration doesn't seem to be entirely off the table, though.

The Trump administration wants to expand offshore drilling on both the nation's coasts in areas that had previously been restricted.

Are the governors of Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Oregon, California, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii not straightforward leaders that can be trusted?

"I think it's a possibility that there's a way that it could be done that was judicious and made sense but you've got to make sure the environment, the investment that Georgia has already made ... are protected". He has promised to meet with all coastal governors on the plan, but has not yet removed any other state from consideration.

Mark Sanford of SC suggested that the change was politically-motivated.

"We stand to lose too much if there's an accident with our tourism industry", Benson said.

"Removing areas offshore Florida this early in the planning process prematurely curtails dialogue and thorough study of the possibilities for future development of offshore resources that could provide additional energy and jobs for working Floridians", Luthi said. The president spends significant time in the state, playing golf at Mar-al-Lago, a resort that boasts views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Other Republicans in the Sunshine State stood in opposition to the administration's plan. "And basic principles of administrative law require the agency to carefully consider its decisions and public input, not change its mind on a whim".

"Virginia's governor (and governor-elect) have made this same request, but we have not received the same commitment", Sen.

  • Leroy Wright