University of Oregon Grad Students Protest GOP Tax Bill

The students have claimed that no university representative has yet come for negotiations.

"This tax bill will be catastrophic", Vetri Velan, a Ph.D. student in physics, told the crowd.

Compensation for graduate work in the form of tuition waivers would be taxed-a move also consistent with the broader aim of tax reform. Although I'm no longer taking any classes, I'd still be taxed for an additional $16,000 per year.

"I would hope the University would come out against this measure, and there have been some indications that they feel that way", Carney said.

About 300 to 400 graduate students and others turned out to Sproul Plaza on the UC Berkeley campus Wednesday to protest a proposed tax on their waived tuition.

After the 10 a.m. walkout, grad students will write to members of Congress.

As experts have concluded, the bill that passed the House - H.R. 1, or the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - will have serious and far-reaching negative implications for US higher education.

She called the elimination of the credit a clear expression of President Trump's "commitment to the rich and powerful at the expense of children, educators and families".

Members of co-host group Graduate Student Organizing Committee of NYU hold up their banner
Members of co-host group Graduate Student Organizing Committee of NYU hold up their banner

The plan would also eliminate tax deductions for interest paid on student loans, Eaton added. "And suddenly we would be on the hook for about $90,000 taxable income after this kind of change". Several debt-forgiveness programs such as Income-Based Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness primarily benefit high-debt graduate students. "As a nation, we should not be punishing people for pursuing an education". The Tax Foundation estimates that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would increase after-tax incomes by almost three percent in tax year 2018. However, not everybody has the time or energy to follow up on the entire process. "And that represents a major cost to us, but we are making some really good progress--[with] more to be done". "What are they doing?" "I think that this bill is going to be extremely beneficial for young people, for recent graduates, and those entering the job market".

The House tax plan could also affect private giving to universities, an increasingly important source of revenue for the UI, officials said. That, coupled with the increased tax burden, would have "a hugely detrimental effect on our student populations here". They are the lifeblood of research at a university. "Honestly, it would prevent most of us from continuing our graduate studies".

"This is critical. [Students] also won't be [assisted] if the writing center staff deteriorates because people have to leave grad school", he said. Pictures of attendees holding pieces of paper signalling their opposition to the bill were also shared via Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Council's Twitter page. Furthermore, the bill would increase the standard deduction, meaning that less income overall is taxable. And for many of us graduate students, that is exactly what we intend to do. And now they want to make that degree even more out of reach. This provision will not affect the UO because of its status as a public institution. So why is the GOP targeting graduate students?

Gemma Cooper-Novack is a graduate teaching and research assistant at SU. "Students will have to drop out because they will not be able to afford to continue". They provide guidance and dedication to the smaller groups.

Finally, we bring academic and professional challenges to our advisors. That particular provision is in the House version of the bill, and we've identified some lawmakers in the House that we've been trying to pressure.

"We team with other universities and other associations to make sure that the message isn't simply about the University of Wyoming - although we are focused on that", he said. "I think it's kind of unfair that it may get impacted in this way". The bill has raised alarms in the University of Minnesota graduate student community and higher education circles nationwide.

"The struggle I am having on this issue is this: if the tuition waiver is merely a way to package financial aid, I understand the concern, and there are other ways to package financial aid". Republicans know that as you get more educated, you are more likely to hold progressive values and vote for a Democrat. They are the future of innovation and research.

Grossman now works at the University writing center, and said his decision to walk out will have an effect on the assistance offered to students.

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