Hollywood’s Most Perfect Derrières

In Hollywood, stars are still dissected apart and often judged by their body parts. Often, it is their bodies that help them get chosen for specific roles. Somehow, I don’t see Angelina Jolie’s role as Lara Croft in Tomb raider, with her sleek athletic build, or Milla Jovovich, who plays Alice in Resident Evil, getting those parts if they were voluptuous girls with serious curves. But voluptuous girls with serious curves do get noticed in big ways these days. When I say voluptuous I’m not talking about being overweight. I’m talking about women with playboy curves, the kind that men fantasize about who ooze sex appeal. Gone are the days, thank goodness, where heroine chic supermodels as skinny as Kate Moss ruled the roost. These days, the curvier you are, the more desired you are and the sexier you feel. So who owns the title of the best derrière in Hollywood? There are three:

Jennifer Lopez

Ever since Jennifer Lopez hit the big time years ago with her hits “If You Had My Love” and “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” the Hollywood derrière started receiving serious attention. There were even rumors that Jennifer insured hers for millions. Jennifer has a grueling workout routine which she takes very seriously. When it comes to eating, she eats all organic food keeping away from toxins like cigarettes and alcohol as well as caffeine. She drinks a 90-calorie breakfast shake every morning and when she goes out to a restaurant she sticks to healthy, low-calorie meals. She will normally opt for a choice of protein such as fish with vegetables or a nice healthy salad.


She started off as a dancer, back in the day, on “In Living Color” and is like a train in motion because this powerhouse hasn’t stopped since. Just a word regarding workout routines and your health. If, for any reason, you experience something like hemorrhoids which directly affects any exercises you would do for your butt, take it easy and rather rest opting for easier workouts like light, brisk walks. This HemClear review will show you how to relieve yourself of this condition if you do have it.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is famous for her enlarged derrière with rumors that she has even had butt implants. She is exceptionally curvy and not afraid to show it off. She is the queen of Instagram with well over 100 million followers and sure knows how to entertain her “audience”. She has many-a-time posted pictures of herself naked, barely covering her private parts. She ‘broke the internet’ with her nude spread inside Paper magazine back in 2014. Well, do you expect this girl to be shy about nudity when she basically became famous due to the released sex tape of her and Ray J back in 2007? Besides being exceptionally beautiful thanks to her Armenian roots, men could not help notice her curves and larger than average butt which got featured in Playboy back in the same year. This is her workout routine explaining how to get that bod and butt of hers. Kim Kardashian’s eating plan after she gave birth offers a lot of variety with healthy dishes full of flavor and appealing colors.


Simply known as Beyoncé or Queen Bae (and this hard-working lady definitely commands and deserves respect), this diva is one of the most popular musical artists today with millions of fans the world over. The world first noticed her in her youth appearing alongside Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams in girl-group ‘Destiny’s Child’. But Beyoncé star was aimed at much bigger and brighter things. She was always the obvious biggest star of the group standing out in every video, not only for her god-sent angelic voice but amazing beauty. As she developed more into a woman so did her womanly curves and she is known for having a super tight waist and a very shapely butt which she shows off in numerous musical videos and dresses at red carpet events. She works out really hard and like Jennifer Lopez is a triple threat able to shake her booty off to the fastest rhythms, act and sing!  She also eats really well with lots of vegetables mixed into her diet as well as a healthy breakfast.


For an overall look at how to get a derrière just like Jennifer, Kim or Beyoncé’s, take a look at this super workout guide to the perfect butt. Follow this 15 minute workout every day and get the kind of derrière you would be proud to show off in your tightest jeans or most elegant of dresses!



  • Salvatore Jensen