EA says Battlefront 2 loot boxes aren't gambling

Let's track EA's many missteps as they developed.

It's hectic, exhilarating and full of fun as your take on your mission - whether it be a Strike objective, trying to seize or sabotage, a 10vs10 classic team deathmatch style Blast mode, a four on four Heroes vs Villains battle featuring the best names in the game and even a 24-player Starfighter Assault, which is all-out air battle. But despite arming him with his Jedi-era powers like force push and using his lightsaber to deflect blasts, controlling him feels awkward and imprecise, and the voice actor playing him hardly sounds like Mark Hamill at all. EA changed the loot box system after the beta.

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Even with paid microtransactions out of the picture, Battlefront 2's progression system is still a confusing, unsatisfying mess. If you're someone who spends time on the game, we love you, do your thing, do what you want to do.

"Probably the biggest slap in the face to gamers." said Wilder Hamm, Owner of Point Save Video Games.

"Yeah, I think it's important for people to do other activities." said consumer Ashley Roberts.

The company declined to comment for this story. Turns out even the Star Wars license wasn't enough to protect Battlefront 2 from the ire of disgruntled fans.

EA's stock is down 7 percent month to date through Thursday compared with the S&P 500's 0.4 percent gain. It designed a loot system that it knew would require players to work for tens of hours to unlock a single hero and justified this by claiming it would give players a sense of accomplishment. It cut credit earnings in the single-player mode.

For better or worse, Battlefront II is going to be talked about for years to come. Because millions will buy the game to play in the Star Wars universe with Star Wars characters, locking them behind a gated system that greatly encourages spending more money is disingenuous.

The analyst is hopeful upside from the publisher's sports titles will make up for "Star Wars Battlefront II"'s faltering sales results. The stock of the video game publisher is down around 3% at the time of this writing. However, EA also decided to reduce the amount of credits rewarded for completing the campaign to just 5,000 credits, None of this has sat well with Battlefront II players, so EA has turned off microtransactions altogether.

There's way more to do this time around.

It was developed by EA DICE, in collaboration with Criterion Games and Motive Studios, and published by Electronic Arts.

Therefore, it turning off all in-game purchases.

The ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date, only after changes are made to the game. "We'll share more details as we work through this", EA added.

I am not too well-versed into Star Wars to talk about how much inaccuracies there are in the game. Loot Boxes also contribute a lot to the character progression and to crafting. Their statement mentioned the purchases will return, but could be structured much differently.

If you're gunning for the top, there is a tradeoff here.

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