Razer Has Announced The World's First True Gaming Phone

To go along with the gamer theme, we also learned that the Razer Phone is the first smartphone in the U.S.to come equipped with a 120Hz display. Everything you need to fast charge is in the box.

Unfortunately, the Razer has copied its rivals in one way. That frequency rates up there with gaming-quality PC monitors.

Back in January Razer spent cold, hard cash to acquire smartphone makers Nextbit, and this phone benefits from that expertise combined with those of the team behind those sleek Razer Blade laptops.

The Razer Phone is stately and unassuming at the same time.

Razer has unveiled its long teased first entry into the crowded smartphone marketplace.

Powering the phone is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 mobile processor and 8GB of DDR4 RAM. It has a whopping 8GB of RAM, plus 64GB of expandable storage.

That means Razer hacked its version of Android 7.1.1 very, very deeply. The 5.72-inch display looks great in all settings, and scrolling through apps like Twitter looks far smoother than it does on most devices because of that high framerate. The front camera is an 8MP F/2.2 sensor.

The phone has a pretty big battery as well, at an enormous 4,000mAh in capacity, so it could be a victor on that front as well.

On paper, the Razer Phone sounds like a gamer's dream phone. It has a dual-lens camera, a big QHD screen, loads of power and a huge battery, but its design is unlikely to appeal anywhere near as much to most people. But the refresh is also smart enough to under throttle itself down to 20hz when the phone is idle to save power. Users can also limit the maximum frame rate, which limits performance and increases battery runtime.

The PC comparisons don't stop there though. But about 39 percent of Razer customers already own a Samsung phone, while 31 percent own an Apple phone, meaning Razer will have to compete directly against those bigger companies, Newzoo said. We didn't see the advantage immediately, in part because as we kept trying to play Riptide GP: Renegade, it was pretty glitchy. That's exactly what Razer aims to provide, and judging from Josh's and Nirave's experience, the display of the Razer Phone is, in fact, incredibly smooth. There will be a Razer Theme Store that delivers gaming themes for the phone with themes that change your icons and system style to match popular games.

By contrast, Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One X will play games at 60 frames per second, albeit at a higher resolution. There will be limited versions of the phone with the trademark green snake Razer logo that'd be nice and visible when held this way. There is a dongle included for the USB-C port, though.

Razer has lined up a number of recommended games for the launch. This will be great for gaming, as well as watching films. Optimized titles include Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, Lineage 2: Revolution, RuneScape, Shadowgun Legends, Tekken, and World of Tanks Blitz, to name a few.

The company revealed the phone during an event in London, which it had previously teased on October 11.

"The most celebrated industrial designers of our time have put their all into perfecting the modern smartphone form factor", he says. Following a few teasers and a last-minute leak that spoiled some of the surprise, Razer introduced today its first smartphone, the Razer Phone. The price is only $699 United States dollars which is extremely competitive for what you get.

Aptly called the Razer Phone - not to be confused with the old Motorola RAZR - the Android phone is the first of its kind, a mobile device designed for on-the-go gamers.

  • Arturo Norris