Desktop not essential: Facebook unveils standalone VR headset

Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said at a developer's conference hosted by its VR Company Oculus that the headset could precede ahead in the future aiding Facebook transfer virtual reality to billion people.

And now with the introduction of Oculus Go, Facebook might be a one step ahead in realizing its ambition. Oculus Go, like the current generation of mobile headsets, has 3dof tracking. Oculus Go could be the best entry-level VR headset, but are most people going to know or care about that? There's no word yet on an official United Kingdom launch price, but a direct pound to dollar conversion leaves us with a rough £150 asking price. It's still got that circular touchpad that's often used to move and select within VR, as well as a trigger for firing weapons and other interactions. Unless you're Apple, of course.

But when will the Oculus Go become available to the masses?

At the time of writing, Oculus hasn't announced when the Oculus Go will hit United Kingdom shores.

For the users who are bored of being just limited to posting text, photos, and videos on Facebook can enjoy another interesting feature as Facebook Introduces "3D Posts Feature" in News Feed.

So, what's so special about Oculus Go? This VR headset is also lightweight which means it should be comfortable to wear for long time while you are indulged in the world of virtual reality.

Zuckerberg also wants one billion people to join VR.

Rift is unlike anything you've ever experienced.

It was the first high-end headset available, beating #Valve and Sony to the punch, although the HTC Vive has outsold the Oculus Rift for the most part.

Oculus Go: What will it look like? The device comes already outfitted with numerous same games that can be found pre-loaded on Samsung's Gear VR device. Oculus VR boss Hugo Barra described the device as "hands-down the easiest way for developers to get involved with VR", according to TechCrunch. The Oculus Go is positioned to ship early next year. These controllers are being tracked by sensors on the Santa Cruz VR headset and allows "inside-out tracking". That being said, the Go comes at a pretty affordable price of $199 making it a pretty appealing product both for consumers and a much larger market.

It's also a worthy competitor to those cheap VR headsets under Microsoft's new "Mixed Reality" umbrella.

  • Carolyn Briggs