North Korea 'hackers steal US-South Korea war plans'

The large cache of documents were said to include contingency plans drawn up by the USA and South Korea and also reports to the allies' senior commanders. The data center is the main headquarters of South Korea's defense network.

In 1998, early into the rule of Kim Jong Un's father, Seoul and Pyongyang agreed to open part of the current Wonsan zone, called Mount Kumgang, to tourists.

Trump has vowed to protect the US against North Korea's nuclear aggression, saying that only denuclearization is an option for the North's regime.

The plan - reportedly devised in 2015 - is said to include a detailed strategy for the "decapitation" of the North Korean leadership in the event of a full-scale war, according to the Yonhap news agency. The hacked and leaked data also includes specific reports on key USA and South Korean military personnel.

The contents of about 80% of the data have not yet been identified, Yonhap reported, citing Rhee, adding that the hack took place in September a year ago.

It remained unclear how much the hacking has undermined the joint preparedness of the South Korean and US militaries, with South Korean officials simply saying that they have been redressing whatever damage was caused by the cyberattack.

South Korea's Defense Ministry declined to confirm or comment on the reports of a cyberattack.

While the Trump administration is insisting that the military option is the "only one thing" that will work with regard to Pyongyang, Kancho Stoychev of the pollster Gallup told Radio Sputnik that South Koreans still favor a diplomatic solution of the crisis despite North Korea's increased missile tests.

It comes as US Government officials say they fear North Korea could launch a missile on Tuesday, as the rogue nation celebrates a public holiday. South Korean military scientists are now in the final stages of developing the blackout bomb; the non-lethal weapon technology which will take down North Korea's entire power supply during the time of war.

Along with OPLAN 5015, documents included OPLAN 3100 - the South's strategy for dealing with its neighbours localised provocations.

President Donald Trump may visit the demilitarized zone on the Korean Peninsula next month in a bid to send a "significant message" to North Korea's Kim Jong-un.

The hack took place in September a year ago.

The hackers are believed to have been specifically trained by foreign experts, including some from China.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has recently found himself butting heads with his president over North Korea.

  • Leroy Wright