North East firms urged to consider staff mental wellbeing

If someone is sick with influenza we say "they have flu", never "they are flu".

Skanska has 250 ambassadors trained in mental health first aid to date and this number continues to grow. Today, on World Mental Health Day, Gillard is confident Australia's mental health has made significant strides.

Hundreds of pounds are set to be given away in a bid to tackle mental health issues across the county.

Referencing a study in 2009 which revealed that about 41% Ghanaians suffer from psychological distress, Dr. Osei called for more attention to be given to mental issues in the country.

While the employees themselves can make attempts to keep their mental health positive in the workplace, the onus also lies on the workplace. When asked to consider what would be crucial to getting people to talk, support from a loved one was cited as the main prompting factor for encouraging a conversation.

The society has launched several other initiatives offering support to those who are battling mental health issues following the signing of the pledge.

One in five people in the workplace experience a mental health condition, and while many employers are developing policies to support a healthy workforce, there is no shared vision for mental health in the workplace.

"[With anxiety] we're talking about really sustained's curtailing their lives, they might staying home or avoiding social situations and avoiding things that trigger more anxiety", Gillard said.

The major concern for this problem, as discussed above, is the taboo surrounding it.

Similar to many other mental health services, there had been an increase in people needing support, especially among middle-aged people, she said.

"The Ministry of Health remains committed to the goal of excellence in quality health care and it is with this in mind that the promotion of health, in particular mental health in the workplace, can not be underestimated", Minister Boyce concluded.

"Older people mustn't miss out on help and treatment because of a "stiff upper lip" approach to dealing with problems, or because they aren't offered or don't know where to go for help". For now, her focus with beyondblue is raising greater awareness around anxiety.

The 'Time to Talk' campaign is rolling out nationwide with Pieta House taking over Lyons Tea Original 80s boxes for the month. They can help identify the employees who are under stress. This leads to people not opening up about their problems and avoiding counselling. We want to make sure that women have accurate, evidence-based information. My mind was not well, and the body joined in and delivered physical symptoms that took some effort to deal with each day.

Firms that used the phrases two times or less clocked up a mean profit of £563bn for the year, London startup Soma Analytics said on Tuesday, compared to £1.4tn from those that mentioned the words more than twice, the Telegraph reports. And yet, it manages to not ridicule these issues or disregard the importance of talking about them through the media.

  • Joanne Flowers