WWE Hell in a Cell Results

He followed that up by lifting Shane up and jamming his groin into the cell door, leading to a brief "no more kids" chant. McMahon viciously attacked Owens so bad that "KO" threatened to sue to entire WWE and take over SmackDown Live. They used the cage to great effect and used lots of weapons too. Why did Shane O'Mac add that this was a Falls County Anywhere HIAC match? They got about halfway down the cell and Shane started to kick Owens. Not content to pin Owens right there, Shane placed Owens on another announce table and climbed to the top of the cell structure.

That move wouldn't be it though. With the fans screaming "This is awesome" chants throughout the match was a reminder what Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens are putting in there heated up the feud. Shane braced himself, then flew off the top of the Cell with his patented flying elbow drop, with Owens seemingly prone below. And once again, he missed.

Zayn, Owens' most bitter enemy since Owens joined NXT in 2014, came out of nowhere to pull Owens out of the way and save his day at the last possible moment. Shane beat on Owens, who refused to fight back as he knew he could use it as ammunition for a lawsuit.

This time his cell jump was foiled by one Sami Zayn. Sami Zayn saved him.

NOLAN HOWELL: Corbin gets a cheap win to get the shine of a title and to send Styles back up the card. Ortan eventually delivered the RKO, YES! out of nowhere to get the pinfall. That's who he was.

For whatever reason - I have trouble taking this "world title" match as seriously as the epic Universal title clash between Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar at the recent No Mercy Pay-Per-View. So, for the time being, we'll enjoy our Fashion Files and our New Day/Uso matches respectively.

McMahon put the boots to him and then hit a cannonball in the corner for 2. But it will be different.

-While Owens/Shane had the biggest bumps, the best match of the night was the tag match in the Hell in a Cell that opened the show. However, the Usos got the final blow. Is this the time for a title change?

As of today Jinder has held the belt for 141 days, meaning he has surpassed AJ Styles' 140 day WWE Championship reign.

The addition of Tye Dillinger seemed fairly inevitable here and I'm fine with him getting a shot on a PPV, as he has been woefully booked since he arrived after Mania. Owens won the match in the end. Charlotte Flair defeated Women's champion Natalya via disqualification. This is because Natalya disqualified herself by hitting Charlotte with a steel chair. They made their way over to the announcer's table.

I have a hard time believing Bobby Roode will be able to get over on the main roster as a babyface, but if anyone can help him get there, it's Ziggler.

  • Salvatore Jensen