Trump's Columbus Day proclamation makes no mention of Native Americans

"Columbus XX wrote that blaming his ancestor for everything that went wrong "hides the truth about him" and "obscures the great things that the countries of the American hemisphere have accomplished".

Statues of Columbus have been the target of vandals in recent weeks. Those who back the change speak of his mistreatment of Native Americans.

While historians caution against lumping in Columbus with Confederates who came three centuries later, they say Columbus' holiday and monuments remain ripe for reassessment - whether they stay, change or vanish entirely.

A town Facbook posting of the program had 147 comments as of Saturday, majority opposed to any public honor of Columbus.

America looks remarkably different than it did that first Columbus Day, he said, and so its collective memory - what matters to citizens - will look different, too.

"Columbus symbolizes the genocide of nearly an entire race of people and I think its time people stand up against him", said Owen McGaff, a Plains Indian to ABC News.

We have a tendency to measure historical figures relative to our present perspectives, but we need to understand them as products of their historical times.

This statue, and its smaller brother sitting nearer Central Park, were gifts by Italian Americans to the city in 1892 - the 400th anniversary of Columbus' maiden voyage to what was then known as the New World. In 1992, Berkeley, Calif., declared October 12 as "Day of Solidarity with Indigenous People" and promoted programs in schools and museums on Native American culture. In the last five years 45 cities in 20 states have either replaced or removed Columbus Day; 14 cities have done it in 2017 alone.

"Our city owes our very founding to the indigenous peoples in Denver", Denver City Councilman Paul Lopez told the Denver Post, shortly after the city adopted the new holiday in 2016. Tobago, according to the Commonwealth, comes from the Carib word tavaco, the pipe in which the Caribs smoked tobacco, and which Columbus allegedly thought was cool.

No matter how you #Celebrate The Day, Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States, made a proclamation of Friday, October 6 that Monday, October 9 will be observed as Columbus Day. Frazer attributed much of the holiday's success to the city of Berkeley's continued support, without which, she said, "none of this might exist". Instead of celebrating rape and genocide, that day is to celebrate American Indian culture. Munro said. "I think it's really damaging to our children, and teaches them that indigenous people are not important".

Debbie Deputat, president of the Tewksbury Sons of Italy, said they have no problem with Indigenous Peoples' Day landing on another day. It's a lovely way to pay tribute for the fallen.

  • Salvatore Jensen