Lewis Hamilton in dreamland after opening up huge lead over Sebastian Vettel

Lewis Hamilton won a relatively tightly contested race at the 2017 Japanese GP, with the challenge coming from an unexpected source.

Lewis Hamilton is on a rampage.

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"But we didn't finish the race, so there is a problem". It means Hamilton leaves Suzuka having extended his title advantage to 59 points with four races to go, although the final few laps were far from comfortable for the Briton. Here are some drivers we like to contend for the win.

"Honestly, I could only have dreamed of having that kind of gap", he said.

"Then with the VSC, which I did a great job under, then the front tyres weren't working - I had massive understeer and all of a sudden he [Verstappen] was on me". They've done a phenomenal job, reliability has really been on point.

Meanwhile, things are not so bright for Vettel, and the German was extremely unhappy because he had to drop out one more time this season.

This was the same tactic adopted by the majority of the field, but one notable exception was Hamilton's team mate Valtteri Bottas, who chose to start on the soft and run a longer first stint after being hit by a grid penalty.

Vettel blamed Sunday's problem on a humble spark plug, an item costing little more than small change on a auto packed with millions of dollars' worth of cutting edge technology. As I've said before, we know that the vehicle, the drivers and the team are all on the pace.

"I think we will just try to continue to do what we are doing, of course, we want to look after the vehicle and the engine, but we are already doing that throughout the races".

Alonso chased Massa despite being tailed by the leading pair of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in the final two laps, with his failure to move aside for the leading drivers piquing the interest of the stewards after the race.

"But it's like that sometimes and of course it hurts and I'm disappointed, but now it's important to get some rest and give my all for the last four races and see what happens".

Hamilton admitted that Verstappen had caused pressure on him.

Daniel Ricciardo was magnificent once again, and he has clinched another podium.

"This is my first podium here".

"But overall the team is in a good way and we are improving race by race". Hamilton's victory means he has opened up an nearly insurmountable 59-point lead ahead of Sebastian Vettel, with just 100 points left to play for.

With his team mate Daniel Ricciardo finishing third, it proved to be another successful weekend for Red Bull.

  • Julie Sanders