Google Home Mini is donut-sized harbinger for Google Assistant upgrades

Google Home can be used in US and Canada for making call on any number. Unlike the Echo Dot which has buttons on top the Google Home Mini has a fabric enclosure which is sturdy and lets in light and sound.

At the Made by Google event that took place on 4 October 2017, the tech giant announced its latest addition to the smart home speaker line up - the Google Home Max. That size isn't just for show, but rather the hardware included under the hood makes the Google Home Max more than 20 times more powerful than Google Home.

Basically, Google Home Mini is a smaller, cheaper Google Home created to make the Google Assistant reachable into more rooms of your home. Google's claim is that the Smart Sound feature will work dynamically, so if you move it, it will be able to change its audio profile. Yes that's right, the Google Home family will be launching in Japan later this week. It is priced at $49 and is available in Coral, Charcoal and Chalk color variants. Voice Match is now rolling out in all seven countries where Home is available.

The Google Home Mini costs $49, and essentially looks like a squished down version of the bottom half of a Google Home.

Rishi says the way Pixel reimagine smartphone, similar way Google Max will do for smart home. Android phones will automatically sound an alarm, even if they are set to silent, and iPhones will get a call from Google. One can adjust volume and can use it to talk to Assistance. Naturally, it comes with Google Assistant, which can play music based on user's request.

Google Home has expanded functionality that now allows you to preset a series of functions that get triggered by a single command. It can be connected to Google-connected products such as Chromecast Audio-equipped speaker or any speaker with Chromecast built-in. Both devices feature the Google Assistant platform.

12 month subscription to YouTube Red, and that has me wondering whether that means it'll finally launch outside North America. Just like any other smart home assistant you need Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to operate the Google Home Mini.

  • Carolyn Briggs