Trump attends golf tournament, defends hurricane response

FEMA Director Brock Long, leading the federal hurricane response in Puerto Rico, on Sunday slammed critics and the media for what he considers misinformation, saying "I don't have time for that".

Criticism of his administration's response apparently didn't sit well with Trump, who took to Twitter the next day to defend it as "an incredible job".

With power still out to a majority of the island, Florida's US senators have been calling for Trump to send the "cavalry" - in the form of the USA military - to help in Puerto Rico. She was joined by Homeland Security adviser Tom Bossert.

In Washington, debate swirled this week around the 1920 Jones Act, which requires shipments of goods between two USA ports to be made with American-flagged vessels, limiting the amount of shipping and driving up its cost.

"I recognize that right now, whether it's the gas line or the ATM line, we're limited", Governor Ricardo Rossello told Reuters in an interview on Saturday at the Puerto Rico Convention Center, the government's temporary headquarters.

However, Puerto Rico is still facing a humanitarian crisis, and many of its people remain without power and water.

The mayor of Puerto Rico's hurricane-battered capital spoke on Friday of thirsty children drinking from creeks. While it was an "unprecedented storm", there is an "unprecedented response".

On Friday, JPMorgan Chase announced a $500,000 donation to organizations working on the ground, like the Community Foundation of Puerto Rico and the local Boys and Girls Club.

"I know the FEMA people are working hard and they're doing their best, so this is a message for President Trump, thank you for calling San Juan yesterday and listening for our mayday call", Cruz said. Or when two days after the hurricane hit he finally found a safe, dry place to land, where he rendered his forever regrettable praise, "Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job".

"Sometimes the gov might be giving the appearance of not moving fast enough", Bossert said. Soldiers from a Minnesota National Guard brigade were sent to Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in September. Glass is a naval aircrewman (helicopter) assigned to Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 22, attached to the USS Wasp. After more than a week of desperation, many were still unable to access essentials including food and water. Their priority the day before was to distribute these goods and to clear debris and landslides to make the deliveries.

Season 43 of SNL also will mark the first full season the show will air live across all four timezones in the continental United States. I am begging, begging anyone who can hear us to save us from dying. "And if he wants unity of command, even if he thinks he's being maligned by the mayor of San Juan, he's got to shut up!"

She has a small generator at home and a battery connected to an inverter as backup, but she didn't want a rerun of what happened when Hurricane Irma hit just weeks earlier.

Mayor Cruz said her goal was to save lives without getting distracted by anything else. "This is such a critical mission", she said. Their size is miniscule: Puerto Rico has 3,500 square miles; The Virgin Islands, 134 square miles.

Meanwhile, the Department of Defense's primary military liaison to the Federal Emergency Management Agency said Puerto Rico has experienced the worst damage he has ever seen.

  • Leroy Wright