White House Distances Trump from Roy Moore's Anti-Gay Views

But some liberal activists - buoyed by the GOP's failure this week in the Senate to pass a health care bill - are convinced the party should already be preparing to make a major investment in the race. Alabama's conservative voters delivered a big punch to the GOP establishment.

Moore, a Southern Baptist, referenced God frequently during the campaign and his victory speech, according to media reports. They have a story about what's wrong with Washington and the swamp and why it needs to be drained.

Odd did have the endorsement of President Trump - offered in a uniquely Trumpian way. "Voters can't look past Roy Moore's fringe beliefs, habit of putting himself first and his dishonesty", Van Hollen said in a statement. So that's how he won.

Moore is known for his pro-life and pro-marriage views, as well as his support of Christianity in the public square. White House aides later said the hospitalized lawmaker Trump was talking about was Sen.

Second, when Alabama's Court of the Judiciary suspended Moore a year ago for the remainder of his term as chief justice, "he nearly became a martyr in the minds of people" for taking a stand against same-sex marriage, Godfrey said.

"There is a famous quote that I've read numerous times lately".

"We now begin the last phase of the campaign, the last leg of this marathon we have been running", Doug Jones said at his campaign watch party Tuesday. We can support the president. "And you can not make America good without acknowledging the sovereign source of that goodness, the sovereign source of the law, liberty and government, which is almighty God". And I will be honest. "Listen to the people, please", Bannon said.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he is pulling the Republican health care bill because it does not have the votes.

Starting in the mid-1990s, Moore rose to prominence while working as a circuit judge in Etowah County, where he drew challenges from the American Civil Liberties Union for opening court with a prayer and hanging a handmade Ten Commandments plaque on the courtroom wall. Here's what he had to say.

"Having local health care representatives is far better than having health care managed form Washington, D.C. Not even a contest". Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) that he'll retire at the end of 2018 was proof that the political establishment is running scared. But starting this Sunday, Republicans controlling the Senate 52-48 and will no longer be able to win with just 50 votes.

"When you're in the middle of elections, there are a lot of things that after the election is over you don't put that much weight on", said Sen.

"There's a growing consensus that would be very happy if the fine senator from Kentucky called it a career", he added.

The race was and is a complicated one.

The president also deleted a tweet congratulating Moore and urging him to "win in November". And then he erased all of his past tweets supporting Luther Strange. I don't know him.

GREENE: He erased them, try - like they never existed, this never happened.

ELLIOTT: They disappeared from his account.

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