Trump says protests will hurt National Football League business

"Very important that NFL players STAND tomorrow, and always, for the playing of our National Anthem".

Some have argued that protesting during the national anthem demonstrates a lack of respect for the American flag and those that fought for our freedoms. Meanwhile, 14% said they gained interest in the league because of the issue, while the largest portion, 43%, said it had no impact.

He is fired. He's fired, ' Trump said to the mainly white crowd.

Jones said no promises were made to Trump about the team's future actions during the anthem, even though that's how some interpreted the tweet.

Because if you love the Cowboys, and the Cowboys are pissed off about something, well then maybe you might get upset about that thing, too, especially if it affects their game. President is confident that he will come out as eventual victor in this battle stating that "players will stand for the country". "I'm not against the police or America", Marshall said, according to the Denver Post. The Miami Dolphins had players kneel, the Philadelphia Eagles had players raising their fists and standing, the Seattle Seahawks locked arms.

On Aug. 26, 2016, during the San Francisco 49ers third preseason game, a photographer noticed former star quarterback Colin Kaepernick sitting during the national anthem.

After Martin stated that Trump's attacks on National Football League players for protesting racial injustice had helped create a conversation and that we had seen progress already with the gestures of solidarity by National Football League teams, he added that people just want to see more respect for the anthem.

Wow, what has become of sports in this great country that I am more eager to see the anthem than the actual game on the field? "I ask, A-S-K, not tell", Jones responded. Two teams - the Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks - remained in their locker rooms during the song altogether.

2 sources told @nbcdfw President Trump blew up Jerry's cell Monday calling him 4 times throughout the day to talk about anthem stuff. Wow. If they want to protest, let them protest but do not do so in showing disrespect to those of us who gave them that right. "We are aware as a district that somebody may choose to do that, we won't make any major response to it one way or the other", says Summer Creek head football coach Brian Ford.

  • Leroy Wright