Where to Find the New Nintendo SNES Classic Edition

And if I didn't notice any problems, Joe Walmart-the nostalgic impulse-buyer for whom the system is tailored for first and foremost-certainly won't.

What's included with the SNES Classic? I'll break down what you get with the SNES Classic, what's missing, how it performs, and whether it's worth picking up. GameStop will receive new SNES Classic stock.

SNES is now available, having shipped to those who managed to pre-order it prior to release day.

What is the SNES Classic Edition? Providing you don't see dozens of customers lined up outside the front door when you arrive, you've got a shot.

The SNES Classic Edition follows up the massively successful release of the Nintendo NES Classic last fall. The launch day for the Super NES Classic Edition is here, but if you're reading this you may be turning to the second-hand market for a console as the sales are happening fast!

The stock shortages of the SNES Classic Mini are an issue with Nintendo claiming there will be plenty of units.

You get 21 SNES Classic games and two SNES Classic controllers that you plug into the console for $79.99. Another bonus for fans is the chance to play Star Fox 2, a game that was cancelled before it could be released back in 1995.

What does the SNES Classic look like?

Over the hour we played with the console together, she was drawn to the characters she recognized (Mario, yes; Samus Aran of "Super Metroid", not so much).

It won't be easy to find SNES Classic Edition, but even in an increasingly e-commerce-focused world, a few brick-and-mortar stops at seem like your best bet.

No longer will you have to begin your stories with, "You kids don't know how lucky you have it with video games these days", because after they take a turn on the SNES, they'll know firsthand. But let's also say you decide that traditional wired controller is a little too true to the original SNES experience for your decidedly modern tastes.

  • Arturo Norris