Former Dallas Playboy Bunny Remembers Hugh Hefner

A few years ago, I read a copy of "The Playboy Philosophy", Hefner's manifesto.

"I would like to be remembered as somebody who has changed the world in some positive way, in a social, sexual sense, and I'd be very happy with that", Hefner once told CNN.

The University of Missouri history professor said he spent "probably 50 hours" interviewing Hefner for the book.

Hugh Hefner poses with his bride Crystal Harris.

Cooper Hefner, his 26-year-old son, is now the chief creative officer for Playboy.

Even though his wife was not in his will, Hefner had a reputation for generosity, so it's unlikely the former Playboy Playmate will be left high and dry. "I have no doubt your legacy will stay strong, may you rest in peace".

Carrie Pitzulo, author of a book on issues of sex and politics in Playboy, also thought that Hefner has contributed much to the emergence of taboos.

Tributes and expressions of shock and sadness poured in from celebrities after American lifestyle company, Playboy, confirmed that its founder, Hugh Hefner, had died from natural causes on Wednesday.

Most Playboy clubs were shut down by the 1990s after feminist icon Gloria Steinem revealed in 1963 the harsh working conditions. Thank you Hugh Hefner, that wouldn't have been possible without you!

In 1985, he was diagnosed with a mild stroke and decided to make several changes to his lifestyle.

When you picture Hugh Hefner's go-to gal, workaholic fashion designer Zelda Wynn Valdes might not be the first woman who comes to mind.

Instead, the publisher's estimated $43million looks set to be split between his four children Christie, David, Marston and Cooper, from his previous two marriages to Kimberley Conrad from 1989 to 2010, and Millie Williams from 1949 to 1959. She now works at a woman's boutique in the area but spent several years working at the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired hotel before it became the Americana Hotel in 1982.

The purchase of the Playboy Mansion past year marks in largest in L.A. County history, despite being originally listed for $200 million.

Watts said that through Playboy, Hefner purposely meant to "shake up the sexual order with its usual proprieties and restrictions". "I was fortunate to know him as a neighbor and friend and I extend my deepest sympathies to his family". He was a gift to us that we will never experience again. "I was like "Oh my gosh Hef" and then we started talking", she explained.

  • Salvatore Jensen