China Tightens Screws on DPRK With Oil Supply Cut, Textile Import Ban

All North Korean companies in China will be shut by January, a BBC report added.

That order is linked to the latest sanctions, passed on September 11 by the United Nations Security Council, in response to North Korea's missile and nuclear weapons tests.

North Korea has been testing and launching unsafe missiles over the past year and assumed a nonchalant attitude to concerned observers worldwide.

Pyongyang has accused Trump of having "declared war" with his brashly worded tweet that stated that North Korea "won't be around much longer", dismissing leader Kim Jong-un as "Little Rocket Man".

On North Korea, several have questioned the wisdom of Trump's use of the Twitter social network to threaten the country, saying bellicose messages undercut efforts toward a diplomatic solutions.

The latest round of heavy verbal salvoes began when Trump threatened in his maiden U.N. address last Tuesday to "totally destroy" North Korea, a country of 26 million people, if it threatened the United States or its allies.

U.N. SANCTIONS Last month, the U.N. Security council unanimously imposed new sanctions on North Korea.

China's ban on North Korean affairs represents another blow for the "Hermit Kingdom's" economy, with 80-90% of North Korea's exports to China.

Any Member considering trading to North Korean is therefore strongly urged to re-assess the risks of undertaking that business and to contact the Managers for advice before doing so. China already banned textile trade and limited oil exports to the controversial nation.

The 26 North Korean nationals sanctioned Tuesday by the US live overseas, but they work for North Korean banks.

A statement from China's commerce ministry said restrictions on refined petroleum products would apply from 1 October, and on liquefied natural gas immediately.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has dismissed the ongoing war of words between the USA and North Korea as merely "a fight between kindergarten kids", but it appears Washington is not just talking tough, it is following through as well.

Chinese officials may "have two minds about Tillerson", initially expecting him to be bullish as secretary of state, but later seeing him as a more reasoned voice from the administration, according to Tok. In the past, #President Trump has both applauded and denounced Chinese policy.

Lu Kang, the spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, said Beijing hopes that USA and North Korean politicians can realise that resorting to military means would never be a viable way out. "We should not overemphasize one aspect while ignoring the other", Lu said.

China's influence in the region may eventually convince the USA to co-operate with the Asian major rather than threaten to further stoke an already brewing trade war at this juncture.

In the less than three months since early July, President Xi Jinping and Trump have had three phone calls to exchange views on bilateral relations as well as global issues such as the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue.

  • Leroy Wright