Ignore the dumber Trump tweets and rescue Puerto Rico

As President Donald Trump's critics accused him of not doing enough to help Puerto Rico after it was hit by Hurricane Maria, a shocking new poll reveals that 47 percent of Americans don't know the island's 3.5 million residents are USA citizens. The same unstinting assistance should be given as well to the U.S. Virgin Islands, another American territory devastated by hurricanes.

"Both have been devastated, and I mean absolutely devastated", the president told reporters at a joint press conference with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. The groups gathering the donations have since paired with an aviation company that will fly out all of the aid from Florida to Puerto Rico on Wednesday. "So that as they start interfacing with families, they're providing us with information about families that may be coming with children".

Unlike the efforts following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Trump said, recovery is more challenging in Puerto Rico due to its geography.

"We have shipped massive amounts of food and water and supplies to Puerto Rico, and we are continuing to do it on an hourly basis", he added.

"Damage is catastrophic", Ricardo Ramos, CEO of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority told CNN.

Two people sit in an apartment with a wall missing along the waterfront in San Juan.

"People are really dying", the mayor of the city of almost 400,000 people told CBS News. Ten people have died and others do not have food, water or fuel. After the hurricane, through Monday, he never addressed it at all, not even during a 90-minute political rally in Alabama on Friday night.

She doesn't want people to forget Puerto Rico is part of the USA too and that people are stranded there.

"We need bus drivers, we need gas station operators and some of them have devastation and are still locked down, as well", Rossello said.

And we begin with what authorities are calling a humanitarian disaster in Puerto Rico.

The president's tweets come as officials in Puerto Rico are pleading for help after at least 10 people have been killed by Hurricane Maria and millions have been left without power.

  • Zachary Reyes