GOP Cancels Senate Vote On ACA Repeal Bill

Because Collins was the third Republican in the closely divided Senate to announce opposition, the legislation is now widely viewed as doomed. Would it get a vote?

"I think Rand will be there for us", Trump said later on Wednesday.

And seventh-term senator Orrin Hatch, a veteran of more legislative battles than most can remember, sounded like, well, a seventh-term senator.

"We're a little frustrated that the Senate has not acted on, on a promise- health care", said Ryan.

But Mr. Graham predicted their repeal proposal would still pass - just at a later date, after Republicans tackle the issue of taxes, and when Republicans have more time to consider the repeal plan.

Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy to repeal significant portions of the Affordable Care Act, a 2010 health care law also referred to as "Obamacare". "We go and we do reform that's common sense, and we don't care about the politics".

"We don't have the votes", bill co-sponsor Bill Cassidy of Louisiana told reporters in Washington, D.C. With these guys I'd never say never, but it's hard to believe that Mitch McConnell wants yet another futile fight over Obamacare heading into the midterm elections.

When it became clear on Tuesday that Trump's Republicans did not have enough support despite their Senate majority, Republican leaders decided not to put their latest version of Obamacare repeal to a vote.

As of Monday evening, three Republican Senators have publicly said they will vote against it. According to CNN, McConnell made a decision to cancel the vote after meeting with the Senate Republicans and taking stock of where his colleagues were leaning.

After spending six years campaigning on the repeal of former US president Barack Obama's job-killing socialized medicine monstrosity, congressional "Republicans" have failed to pass a bill sponsored by their most liberal member that would have done away with a measly 10 percent of the law.

Republicans' ability to use fiscal 2017 budget reconciliation, which allows for certain bills to pass with a simple majority, will expire on Saturday.

The Graham-Cassidy measure would convert funds from Obamacare into block grants for the 50 states. "What we really need is a way to take the profit out of our health care system and the best way to do that is if we pass Medicare for all". Bill Cassidy and Senator Lindsay Graham.

  • Leroy Wright