Amazon launches a new $69 Fire TV

AMAZON is preparing to announce a brand new product this evening following reports it has been developing a pair of smart glasses. The speaker, which will go on sale Wednesday, is created to compete with Apple's HomePod.

Apple recently launched its new 4K TV streaming box and now it seems it's got some serious competition from Amazon. The new Fire TV, which starts at $69, will also support 4K UHD video and is available for pre-order immediately. Since that time, Amazon has introduced a steady stream of new Echo devices, but the original has remained largely the same (save for the white color option).

It is now available for pre-order for $129 United States dollars, but will not ship until December 19. In lowering the price of the Echo, Amazon seems to be taking a similar approach with a device that features its voice-controlled assistant Alexa.

Among tech standoffs of recent, Amazon in 2015 stopped selling TV players made by Apple because they were not supporting its video service offered to Prime members. With this integration, all the Echo users with landline phones make calls by just using their voice.

Amazon has been busy updating its hardware portfolio in recent months.

The Amazon Echo hasn't changed a whole lot, but this time around it is smaller, or shorter, than the original.

Other disputes between the two major USA stocks, includes Amazon's decision not to sell Apple TV's on its site in 2015. They realized that it would be hard to get people to outfit their entire home with that product, so they released the Echo Dot. At $129, the Echo Spot is an alarm clock-sized speaker that also comes with a 2.5-inch screen and video camera that can be used for video playback and calls. Nevertheless, Amazon claims the new speakers will deliver "immersive sound", with "better bass, better treble". However it seems that both companies can expect to compete with the likes of Amazon as well because BMW has announced the Alexa will be coming to their cars as well. It is priced at $100 and there is also three pack which brings the cost down by 50%.

  • Arturo Norris