Tune In Sunday For Live WWE 'No Mercy' Results And Recap

Well, probably just because that's a long time to sit on a feud.

The pre-match stuff here was a weak attempt at adding a little drama to proceedings, with Finn not really selling it once the bell rang and it added little to the story. I eat, sleep and breathe WWE. It would only make sense that Brock comes out at No Mercy struggle against Braun for the majority of the match, comeback halfway in the match, and retain his title.

Strowman put on an incredible show and even had Lesnar on a two-count early in the match.

Lesnar, with the last ounce of strength available to him, hoisted Strowman up for an F-5, almost drove The Monster Among Men through the canvas and secured the three-count that extended his Universal Championship reign. He pretended he'd use it as a weapon, but the ref took it away and got it out of the ring.

Last year, John Cena competed in a series of dream matches against AJ Styles, with those being some of the best matches of the year (including at the Royal Rumble earlier this year). If I have opportunities outside, great, if I didn't, I think... Also, it sounds like Cena is going to be absent for a while afterwards as well. And, I can see them moving towards a program with Bayley and Sasha, given how they cost each other pinfalls during the title match.

Winner: Reigns, I guess. The WWE has faith in Braun and his abilities as he is now competing for the Universal title one-on-one with The Beast. I've got to know when to say when and I am not done.

Reigns, 32, whose real name is Leati "Joe" Anoa'i, is past the point where the crowd's reaction will bother him or threaten to get him off his game - especially after a run of headlining the last three WrestleMania cards and three times wearing the WWE championship.

Spain: It's become painfully apparent that Bray Wyatt is incapable of doing anything with a victory. Finn, at least, can benefit from getting a win over Wyatt. And why did they have to drag Goldust into this thing?

Where does Bray Wyatt go from here? They won that match and were later told that they had qualified for a fatal five way elimination match that would determine the number one contender for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. It had to be done as Asuka is likely up next and we know how that one is going to end.

Michael: And the punishment tour for Enzo Amore continues. Should be nothing more than a squash for Neville. It is predicted that Bliss will retain it. Let's take a look at each match and see what worked and what didn't.

The match itself was a standard match that wouldn't look out of place on Monday Night Raw. Give Emma a chance, indeed. There were several spots where it seemed he might have the win, but the champ kicked out.

The opening match of the night saw The Miz, along with his "Miztourage", defend his Intercontinental Championship against Kurt Angle's baby boy, Jason Jordan. Jordan got The Miz back into the ring and locked on a Crossface for several grueling moments until The Miz broke the hold by grabbing the bottom rope. From there, Miz hit the Skullcrushing Finale to get the win.

Widro: Jordan is headed for a heel turn sooner than later.

  • Salvatore Jensen