'Star Trek: Discovery' Main Title Sequence Debuts Before Series Premiere!

While Star Trek: Discovery has a lot to do with this, the recent surge is also partly thanks to the return of the National Football League and the popular Big Brother franchise.

Future episodes will be available on-demand weekly after 8:30 PM ET on Sundays on CBS All Access in the USA, following the live stream.

So far, though, Discovery doesn't have the charms of either old-school or new-school Trek: Despite the show's title, the fenced-in time period in which it's set automatically eliminates the sense of the unknown that defines the best Trek, while the blockbuster visuals can't make up for its mostly generic protagonists and villains.

As a whole, the first episode generated in linear ratings a 1.6 in the 18-49 demographic, and that's not counting anyone who watched it on CBS All Access, which is going to be the show's home for the remainder of the season. Check out our interview below, as well as an exclusive piece of cover art from Star Trek: Mirror Broken artist JK Woodward, making its debut here on Gizmodo.

As we all look towards the future and the continuing adventures of Michael Burnham, there's still time to take a look towards the past, because the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery is steeped in references to the franchise's 50-year history.

It's this kind of bastardry which drove a generation of Australian viewers to the BitTorrent channel, and later to learn geododging tricks in order to bypass the roadblocks keeping us out of foreign streaming video services.

In the first episode, we were introduced to the USS Shenzhou's Captain Phillippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) and her first officer, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green). That's out the window in the biggest possible way, because Burnham is going to continue the show on a new ship, with a new captain and crew, while wearing the label, "mutineer".

In Canada, Star Trek: Discovery will air on Bell Media's linear Space channel and over the internet on CraveTV.

Despite being outfitted with some interesting wrinkles, "Star Trek: Discovery" is an unspectacular addition to the existing fleet of "Trek"-branded series".

Episodes one and two of Star Trek: Discovery went live on the service on September 24th.

But will it be enough to garner those big audiences, lure in folks who've never watched sci-fi before or who don't much care for Star Trek the way, say, Game of Thrones lured folk who wouldn't normally watch fantasy? (She is, instead, first officer.) I was excited to see what she did next. "After Trek" hits CBS All Access at 9:30 p.m. ET.

Before you know it, both sides have called in reinforcements, and the shooting begins.

Star Trek Discovery is available on Netflix on Mondays.

  • Salvatore Jensen