Latest Obamacare repeal bill faces bipartisan criticism in NY

"I've been running and talking and advocating on behalf of the repeal and replacement of Obamacare since the time I came into office". This latest bill is sponsored by senators Lindsey Graham of SC and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana.

The new proposal needs at least 50 votes to pass the Senate, and backers are scrambling to round up the votes before a September 30 procedural deadline, after which the measure would need a filibuster-proof 60 votes. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), in a scathing monologue on his show Tuesday.

Americans rely on the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid to provide the health care coverage they need to survive. But the CBO likely won't get to fully score Graham-Cassidy for at least several weeks; instead, it will put out a "preliminary assessment" of the proposed law early next week.

Neither of the consultant reports estimated how many people overall could lose insurance coverage. The measure would also repeal the individual and employer mandates. "More people will have coverage, and we protect people with pre-existing conditions". In their place, it would offer states a new block grant they could use to spend on health care mostly as they saw fit.

The insurance trade groups have now sided with other health industry advocacy organizations in denouncing the GOP bill, including the AARP, the American Cancer Society, the American Medical Association and the American Hospital Association.

Graham Cassidy would fundamentally transform the American health system by giving states broad authority to gut Obamacare's consumer protections and placing caps on how much money is spent on the massive Medicaid program for poor Americans. "Here in MA, we provide first-rate care, we actually have had a much flatter slope in the growth of the cost of care, and we're out there working for the most comprehensive coverage in the country".

Graham-Cassidy has been universally condemned by US physician organizations.

Franchini said the proposal would reduce and shift health care funding to state that did not act on opportunities to expand health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act, to the detriment of New Mexico. On Sept. 20, GOP Sen.

During a conference call with Iowa reporters on Wednesday, Grassley also spoke about the bill, but again stressed the political expediency of passing it over substance, according to a report in The Des Moines Register.

  • Joanne Flowers