IOS 11: How to Use One Handed Keyboard with Your iPhone

But two of the most used toggles, the ones for "turning off" wifi and Bluetooth, do not actually switch them off as a user might expect.

However, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are still technically available despite being turned off through the control panel, allowing the device to connect to new devices or join other wireless networks without having to reactivate the features through the Control Panel. The Bluetooth toggle operates in a similar fashion.

Although, it is expected that when a user turns off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the control center, the radio of both of these devices is closed but it is not happening.

The streamlining of their Apple Maps service comes into competition with the Google Maps app, but this feature may see people making the switch.

Before you do anything on your iPhone or iPad, you should lock it down. While many of these are simple on and off switches, the same can not be said about the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles.

Flappy Bird is just one of many 32-bit iPhone games that users who update to iOS 11 won't be able to play anymore.

iOS: Before you download iOS 11, you should make sure all the apps you rely on will work with the newest version of the operating system. While Apple finally delivered an enterprise class tablet with the iPad Pro, it's taken until iOS 11 for the iPad to get the software features it needs to stand on its own. Both will be re-enabled at 5 a.m. local time each day, or when you restart your device.

Here are seven new features in iOS 11 that may have slipped under your radar. If you forget (or simply don't know) that your device is searching for a connection, it could pose problems.

That means that for most apps, the developer likely updated their app a long time ago - since Apple has been pushing developers to move to 64-bit for several years now.

To turn off the Bluetooth from the Control Center, just go to the Settings and select Bluetooth option. If you do that, they'll turn off entirely and won't turn back on - though Apple says you shouldn't do that if you want "the best experience on your iOS device".

  • Arturo Norris